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On a completely different subject, I’m making diner for my kids while listening to Christina Aguilera’s debut album. She’s on record of slamming the entire CD as pop bullshit, which makes me wonder if her standards are a bit too high. Yes, it’s pop bullshit. But it’s really excellent pop bullshit, with about four songs that can’t leave your head.

I can appreciate an artist’s need to thrash past work that he/she considers sub-mediocre. I’m not an artist, per se, but I wrote one book that I don’t love. Yet every so often I get an e-mail from someone saying, “Just wanted to tell you how much I loved [X BOOK].” So how would it feel for that person to know the creator doesn’t even like it? Not cool.

2 thoughts on “This sums it up …”

  1. Are you going to reveal which book it is that you do not love? I’m guessing it’s “The Bad Guys Won.” Or the Bonds one. I liked ’em both.

  2. I thought Jeff already went on record against the whole experience with the Roger Clemens book?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t he lament the subject matter, the timing of the *other* Clemens book release, etc as souring the moment for him?

    It’s entirely possible that I’m imagining this, though.

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