Just watched this clip of New Mexico coach Steve Alford calling Jonathan Tavernari, a BYU player, “an asshole” after a game.

According to the comments on YouTube, Tavernari is an ass. According to the comments on YouTube, Alford is a hero. According to the comments on YouTube, the player was wrong and the coach was right.


Tavernar could be a member of Nazi Youth ’10, and it still wouldn’t justify Alford—a head coach, an adult, a leader—cursing at him. Anyone who thinks he might have been justified is lost … because a coach would never, ever, ever be justified in behaving such a way. Never.

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  1. Dude, relax. Both parties apologized almost immediately after, the conference has reprimanded Alford, and Alford himself acknowledged that his conduct was inexcusable. That said, everything points to the fact that Tavernari is a clown, so it’s hard to shed too many tears for him.

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