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I have a new favorite politician. Her name is Barb Davis White, and she’s a Republican running for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. In a recent appearance, White—an African-American woman—uttered a truly remarkable statement: “Rosa Parks did not move to the front of the bus to support sodomy.”

Granted, White may well be a keen student of history—indeed, Parks did not show much interest in America’s blossoming WE LOVE SODOMY movement. However, White chose to elaborate, which probably wasn’t a very good idea. “There is no difference between a black person and a white person other than their skin color when there’s a tremendous difference between a man and a woman,” she said. “Allowing a black woman and a white man to marry does not change the definition of marriage. However, allowing two men or two women to marry would fundamentally change that definition.”

I have a theory, and I think it’s pretty solid: African-American Republicans are friggin’ nutjobs.

African-American Democrats? Fine. African-American moderates? Fine. African-Americans who choose not to vote? Hey, whatever. But whenever I see a Republican candidate who happens to be black (or, for that matter, a member of any minority group), I simply chalk it up to some sort of mental disorder. A mild disorder, generally. But a disorder nonetheless. I mean, it makes no sense, like seeing a Republican social worker or liberal Democrat Fortune 500 CEO. Generally speaking, the Republican Party is to civil rights what Madonna is to traditional Victorian-era attire. They feed upon the poor, the hungry, the tired, the underrepresented.

So while White’s words are, in print, shocking, they’re actually sort of mild, considering they come from a woman who has visited Pluto with her Uncle Meg and the cast of Happy Days and probably escaped the insane asylum a few weeks ago …

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  1. its funny. i feel the same way about black liberals. they vote for a party that doesnt want them to succeed but just wants to disenfranchise them and keep them voting for them

    what have dems done for blacks since 1960??

    when a black person actually wants to help themselves and have good core values he gets called crazy. funny

  2. Just so you know, Ben, when someone uses the “um” in that situation, they are basically saying you’re fucking stupid.

    And they would be right.

  3. ben, really? what have the dems done for blacks since 1960? read your history book before saying anything silly like that.

    as an asian american, im always bemused at michelle malkin and her self loathing ways.

  4. Jason,

    It’s not difficult to figure Malkin. She’s trying to capture the same demographic that Laura Ingraham, the Fox News sluts and Monica Crowley captured.

    “I’m a babe and I’m Republican. I may talk politcs with you and go down on you. You never know.”

    Hell, Sarah Palin may get a GOP nomination with that.

    Ann Coulter tried, but she just scares people.

  5. I totally disagree, Jeff. While I might agree that this particular woman does sound like a nutjob, I do think most black Republicans are whip smart and brave to swim against the tide and have some original conviction. I think a lot can be said about Colin Powell or Condaleeza Rice or Clarence Thomas. However, calling them stupid or crazy would, it seems to me, be incredibly misguided. I find it refreshing that some blacks expect members of their own race to succeed without the help of the government, and I think society would be better as a whole if more blacks felt the same way.
    I also think you have screwed up in presenting your version of history. While LBJ did sign the Civil Rights Act, most Democrats in Congress at the time actually opposed it. Robert Byrd, still the longest serving Democrat in Congress and a former Klansman to boot, actively fillibustered against Civil Rights legislation, a move that was condemned by Senator Dirksen from Illinois. Al Gore Sr. (The father of the Nobel Prize winning Presidential candidate/global warming alarmist) also actively opposed the Civil Rights act. While it can be seen as an act of great courage that a Democratic President to take the political risk of signing the Civil Rights Act, the Democrats at the time certainly weren’t unified in supporting it, and most Republicans in Congress actually voted for it. Read some history before you claim this legislation as proof that the Democrats have always been friends of the black man. Let’s not forget that George Wallace, until the day he died, was a Democrat. Let’s not forget that the Republicans were the original abolition party, or that Woodrow Wilson held official White House screenings of “Birth of a Nation”, or that it was JFK who had J Edgar Hoover follow Martin Luther King. Democrats don’t get an automatic pass when it comes to race, and not all Republicans are frothing at the mouth racists. Most of the substantial affirmative action legislation, for instance, was passed during the Nixon administration. He also had regular written correspondence with both Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King.
    Anyway, I think Malcolm X had a very interesting take on this conflict that you might want to examine; “The Democrats get Negro support, yet the Negroes get nothing in return. The Negroes put the Democrats first, yet the Democrats put the Negroes last.”
    He also said, “The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the ‘smiling’ fox”
    And let’s not forget what one of the greatest black athletes of all time, Jim Brown said, “A liberal is someone that will cut off your leg and then hand you a crutch.”

  6. Brian,

    You’re right. Democrats at the time were in the South. But when Civil Rights passed, the South turned away from Dems and to Republicans.

    Richard Nixon built a whole strategy on it and it’s basically been GOP ever since.

  7. It’s kind of funny that after naming Powell, Rice and Clarence Thomas Brian says this:

    “I find it refreshing that some blacks expect members of their own race to succeed without the help of the government, and I think society would be better as a whole if more blacks felt the same way.”

    You do know Clarence Rice grew up in public housing?

    What if he was homeless instead?

  8. Steve,

    He studied hard and worked his ass off so he wouldn’t have to be on welfare for the rest of his life. Shouldn’t that be seen as an ideal instead of a weak point or a sign of insanity?

  9. Brian…a lot of people study and work their asses off so they don’t have to be on welfare the rest of their lives. But people only harp on the small percentage that milks the system.

    Why don’t we spend more time worrying about the well-to-do people cheating on their taxes. I’m sure we could pay for the entire welfare system if we caught all the tax invaders and cheats…instead we focus on the welfare recipients…I wonder why.

    Here’s a story.

    I grew up on welfare. I grew up eating government cheese…remember those nasty rectangle blocks. The wrapper would stick to the cheese most of the time.

    My father left my mother with four kids. She didn’t finish high school. She didn’t even have a driver’s license.

    She finally learned to drive when she was in her mid-20’s and my uncle bought her a beat up Buick. It was blue but was nearly covered with gray spray paint spots covering the bondo work.

    At one point, the car antenna was snapped in half…probably one of my brothers…and she couldn’t afford to replace it. A friend of hers told her what to do…and she listened, much to our chagrin.

    She stuck a potato on the antenna…it worked…but it sure was embarrassing pulling in with a potato on the car.

    Me, I grew up and desired to go to college. I joined the military and served four years.

    I went to college and became the first person in my extended family to do so. I even graduated.

    Now, I’m a tax-paying citizen and I’m sure over the past 20 years or so I’ve paid back the system for what my family was given. The same can be said for my two brothers…not sure about my sister!

    My mom, when we were kids she worked two jobs. One was across the street from our house at the liquor store and the other was a few blocks away at the Lawson’s, which later became the Dairy Mart franchise of convenience stores.

    We rarely saw her. She’d be at Lawson’s in the morning when we left for school and she’d be at the liquor store when we got home. Fortunately, she was able to leave for a bit to make us dinner.

    We survived on pretzels and pop for a long time.

    She’s still working. She tends bar during the days. She even cleans the bathrooms in the morning before the bar opens. She’s in constant pain…her legs and back…from 20-some years of standing on her feet.

    My mom wasn’t cheating the system and she isn’t today. But, without welfare where would we be?

    In the Army I met many people just like me. Those are the people that aren’t mentioned when the critics of welfare rail on the “cheaters” and the “entitlement society.”

    I’d love to see a survey done of our nation’s military to see how many of them grew up on welfare. I think we’d be astonished by the results.

    That’s the ultimate sacrifice and payback for what little those people might have received from our government.

    And as Jeff said in another blog post and I agreed…I’d gladly pay a few more dollars in taxes to continue to help others.

    It’s the right thing to do…even if there are some people who cheat the system.

  10. This topic shouldn’t be about welfare.

    The Civil Rights movement wasn’t about welfare. It was about being left the fuck alone so you could live your life.

    It was about being able to vote, eat where you wanted, drink from the same fountains, attend the same schools and marry who you wanted.

    Rosa Parks fought for the right to be left alone while she sat where she wanted to on the bus.

    That’s what gays want. The right to be left alone and marry who they want.

    This got on welfare for some stupid reason.

  11. Darrin, any time a Republican talks about civil rights it’s always about welfare.

    Classicist…try Chatroulette.com. Surely you’ll find someone as smart as you there.

  12. @Darrin:

    “But when Civil Rights passed, the South turned away from Dems and to Republicans.”

    Demonstrably untrue. The “South” (which is really metonymy for organized Evangelicalism and the Christian right in your vocabulary) went Republican when Reagan courted them.

  13. That’s crap.

    In 1968, George Wallace — Segregation Now, Segregation Forever — took 5 southern states. Nixon took the rest.

    In 1972, Nixon took every Southern state.

    In 1976, a Southern Democrat ran against a Northern Republican and took the South.

    The South is actually metonymy for “Inbred racist crackers & I only wish Grant and Sherman would have had access to the atomic bomb in 1864.”

  14. Also, there’s no way this lady wins the 5th district. It’s a very liberal district that is currently occupied by a black democrat/muslim(the “M word”!).

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