Roger Ebert II


I blogged recently about the amazing Esquire profile of Roger Ebert. If you haven’t read the piece, well, read it. Here’s the link.

Now, part two: Ebert appears on Oprah today. But watch this clip. Absolutely astounding.

Yesterday my classmate from high school died. It was crushing news. Today, I am reminded on humanity’s dazzling capacity to enhance life; to use imagination and technology to bring hope to the hopeless. For years, Roger Ebert had no voice. It was stolen by cancer. Taken away, seemingly forever. Now, it’s back.

Hope lives.

Hope is strong.

Hope means something.

Roger Ebert personifies this.

2 thoughts on “Roger Ebert II”

  1. Best feature I’ve ever read. It’s just too bad your former classmate didn’t have the good fortune of Roger Ebert to survive her own battles.

    My parents and grandparents all died before I started university. I at least had my mom until I was 19. I couldn’t imagine growing up without a mom.

    I’m lucky though. So far I’m healthy enough to get up every morning and go to school, to laugh, to speak, to hear, and to read Jeff Pearlman books.

    Can’t complain.

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