The trampoline

Once upon a time, fans went to sporting events because they loved sports. That was it. The Nets were playing the Jazz. The Mets were playing the Cubs. The Islanders were playing the Blues. It was about watching two teams square off, and if a watered-down Bud or soggy pretzel entered the picture, well, all the better.

Times have changed. I sound 100 saying this, but sporting events are loud. Like, REALLY LOUD!!!! There’s always some AC/DC or Jay-Z song blaring at top decibels; always some half-naked cheerleader shooting T-shirts into the stands; always some half-baked mascot posing for pictures with the kids and searching the area for dizzy-bat contestants.

This video, from Monday night’s Portland-Memphis clash: Old-school revenge.

3 thoughts on “The trampoline”

  1. Jeff, That is why I still love going to Wrigley Field. (I live in Chicago.) Yes, some of the noise has oozed its way into the park but for the most part it is just like watching a game when I was a kid in 1978. The field is the same and there is no Jumbotron or Fan-O-Meter telling the fans when to cheer. It gives me a warm feeling knowing that.

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