Today’s column …


is on the fall of men’s basketball at Delaware and Binghamton.

As a Blue Hen, it stings. That was my true passion in college—UD hoops.

Now … it’s crap.

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  1. “Well, the rise-from-obscurity part was right. Across America, everyone knows Binghamton — as a place you would send your kids to only if DeVry and the Coastal College Truck Driving School fall through.”

    That’s fucked up. As an alma mater, i know the academic standards of that school, and i know it holds a high standing among the academic community.

    i was a junior the first year we turned div i. no one wanted it except for the president of the school and her cronies. students all knew binghamton was headed in the direction of syracuse – forsake high academic standards for national sports attention – if we entered div i. not only have the academic standards have gone down, but the crime rate among students has gone up as well. everyone predicted it. the only ones to blame are the administrators that feel the need to leave a legacy.

  2. Entertaining column. Now, I can’t speak from rooting interest; the college I attended 25 years ago has been a hapless Div 1 school forever (St. Louis U) and the school I’m returning to in September is Div 3 and will never move up.

    However, I know people, both personally and a certain sports columnist, who would argue that “moving down” or “deemphasizing” a sports program is not always the right move. Where did they attend school? Holy Cross.

  3. You criticized Binghamton’s team and their academics. Tony Kornheiser will be demanding your head on a platter in 3, 2, 1…

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