Erin Andrews


Saw a commercial tonight for the upcoming season on Dancing With the Stars.

Interesting cast. Pam Anderson. Chad Ochocinco. Kate with eight kids.

And Erin Andrews.

This, I have a problem with. You want the world to take you seriously as a journalist? You want to be seen as more than just another pretty face/talking head on ESPN? You want NFL and MLB and NBA and NCAA coaches and players to view you as a genuine reporter; as someone interested in breaking/explaining news, not making it?

Then don’t appear on a reality show.

Recognizing that the phrase “Jump the shark” jumped the shark long ago, this is where Andrews jumps the shark. There was something to buy in the reluctant beauty anxious to be given equal footing. That, now, is dead. It is clear that Andrews doesn’t desire equal footing; that she’s no different than the Skip Baylesses and Jay Mariottis anxious to have their 13 seconds of fame at any/all costs to their reputations.

Oh, well. Shameful—but not surprising.

PS: On a side note, a friend of mine recently saw Kate with eight kids at a new NYC ping-pong bar. She told me she deliberately threw balls at Kate with eight kids’ head. I applauded her.

PPS: It was brought to my attention that Kenny Mayne did this show, too. Equally shameful and pathetic. You. Are. Not. A. Real. Celebrity. Stop this nonsense.

10 thoughts on “Erin Andrews”

  1. totally agree.

    but come on Jeff.
    no one outside the Andrews family thinks she’s a “reporter.”

    can you name one story she broke, one interesting report she did, one time she told you something you didn’t already know?

    I can’t.

    she’s there because she’s a nice piece of ass.

    so in that regard, she’s a perfect candidate for a reality show.

    in fact, one of the entertainment shows will likely be her next stop after ESPN.

  2. So if she’s been offered 6 figures (or more) to dance a little on TV she shouldn’t because she couldn’t possibly do that and be a sideline reporter? Did you equally trash Kenny Mayne or whoever the other ESPN sports guy that did DWTS?

  3. Chris – I believe she broke the story that Papelbon would be the new closer of the Red Sox a few years ago.

    Jon – Jeff’s point is that she went on Oprah and essentially said she wants to be more than a pretty face. This doesn’t help. Also for a person who was aghast over being ogled by millions of guys being on this show doesn’t help. Some of the dance outfits they wear are slightly more than what she wore in that “video”

    If she wanted to DWTS, wait a few years. This comes off as she’s looking to possibly to branch out to a new field.

    Jeff- I can’t believe you took it easy on Gosselin.

  4. She tried and some pervert filmed her naked and her brethren in the media threw her under the bus.

    Might as well shake what her momma gave her.

    No way she stays at ESPN. She’s going to be an entertainment reporter or something else.

  5. if she quits espn, im sure fox news will want to hire her for prime time news or something bc she has all teh qualifications of a fox news anchorette.

  6. Kate + 8 may be a lowlife, but I don’t think you should be applauding someone for inappropriate behavior. Take the high road.

  7. Not a “Dancing with the Stars” fan, but ESPN is owned by ABC. They probably try to squeeze in a few personalities from time to time to get non-sports people interested.

    Also, I am not a real sports fan and I love Kenny Mayne.

  8. I completely disagree with you on this. You’re looking at this solely from a professional point of view as in “Is this the best thing for her career as a journalist?” Probably not (but is it really that big of a deal?), but there is a personal side to this. The woman lived through a complete nightmare last year. This is an opportunity for her to have some fun and appear on a show that she loves. I say good for her…she deserves it.

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