I’ve been talking to God


Several readers of this blog have told me I need to talk to God.

I have—via this.

Here was our dialogue:

Me: I don’t believe in you.
God: What do you believe in?
Me: decency.
God: Do you like talking to me?
Me: Not especially.
God: Why not?
Me: Because I don’t think I believe in you. Or at least that you’re actually listening to me.
God: That makes sense to me.  What do you believe in?    Interesting observation.
Me: I believe in family.
God: What do you say to people who believe  family does not exist?
Me: I’ve never met anyone like that.
God: Would you like to have  met anyone like that?
Me: no.
God:Why not?
Me: i am bored with you now and will watch the Oscars. Bed Stiller is on.
God: Why not call a friend?   Are they exactly the same?