Greed vs. decency


The whole Cablevision-Disney thing really pissed me off. So does the whole NCAA-expanding-to-96-teams-thing. And the NFL-denying-health-problems thing. And the health care thing. We are not a nation of greedy people, but we are a nation guided by greedy people. Those on top generally are the sharks, itching … clawing … biting for money; biting to take advantage of you at any/all costs.

Hence, I’m going to write a brief blog post about Kerry Blinder.

Kerry is the mother of a girl in my son’s pre-school class. She’s friendly and sort of quiet, and I see her most mornings when I drop my son off. Today I said, “So what do you do for work?”

“I stay home,” she said, “but I recently started my own little apparel company for kids.”

We got to talking. Kerry isn’t running KABPRINTS with expectations of vast riches; or seeing a nation of droid children wearing her goods. No, she’s doing it because she has long made clothes for her kids, and she really, really gets a kick out of it. (Her website is The stuff is very cute). This blog post doesn’t exist to generate business for Kerry, or to promote high-quality bibbies. The point is that, in what often seems to be an ocean of corporate evil, there are millions upon millions of Americans trying to do right; trying to start up a business out of love and passion and a genuine objective of providing a service.

Politicians makes reference to such folk, but the words are rarely followed up with actual beneficial implementations. They speak of helping the cattle farmer in Oklahoma; the florist in Baltimore; the bakery owner in Santa Fe—but it’s usually mere lip service. Very few laws and incentives encourage start-ups to, well, start up.

Sad, but true.