Health care reform—not needed?


You think the health care system is fine.

You don’t think reform is required.

Keep the government out of health care.

So on and so on and so on.

Read this. Read this now.

The current bills aren’t perfect. But they’re a start. And the truth is, a start is better than nothingness. And right now, if you’re sick and your insurance company decided to dump you, you’ve got nothingness.

PS: I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday when Doug Flutie called me. I’ve been doing this job for nearly 16 years now, yet there’s still something sorta cool about picking up the phone and hearing, “Hey Jeff, Doug Flutie here.”

3 thoughts on “Health care reform—not needed?”

  1. At the same time, in a nasty economy, if you lose your job, you also lose your health benefits if your insurance is through your employer. There is something that is simply wrong with these two things being so closely tied together.

  2. I work for a big corporate giant and have done work for others. For-profit companies by definition need to find ways to be as efficient as possible and I have recommended and helped implement programs that have probably cost people their jobs.

    I’ve also been laid off once or twice, depending on how you count — once shortly after a company wooed me away from my prior employer with big plans we developed together for how to grow my role over time (that one stung), and once when a different employer’s business tanked.

    There’s a lot about cost reduction in for profit-companies that makes sense, albeit unfortunate and sometimes painful. But the behavior outlined in this story is aweful. Woeful. Gross. And as you point out, it’s an indicator of broader underlying problems with the current system.

    I definitely don’t know the answer, but the current state is clearly not it. And nothing gets better unless it changes.

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