Downright frightening

From the latest Tea Party rally. Not staged. Not incited. Just brutal.

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  1. im willing to bet these fuckfaces belong to a mega-church too and are always first in line to show everyone how much they love jesus on sundays. fuck teh other six days of the week though.

  2. That’s an ugly display. But in any group of people or protesters – there are ugly people. It doesn’t denigrate the entire movement.

    I love the tea-party movement. I am thankful for them. I am amused that this progessive video is using the projortive “tea-bagger”. My US senator sends emails with that term. That’s lovely.

  3. Parkinson’s victim or panhandler? Do you know for sure? No. Are you rushing to judgment based on a 20 second video? Of course. Jeff Pearlman posted it on his mainly liberal blog so it must be true. Idiots.

  4. Look at the man in the white shirt and tie throwing money and screaming at the sad, helpless guy sitting with the sign. Go ahead and figure out a way to justify it. Try to live with yourself. Deep down, you know that this is wrong. Bottom line. This is cruel, inhuman, unjustifiable behavior. Just like the teabaggers spitting on John Lewis today and calling him a N*ger and the ones calling Barney Frank a F*got. It’s over. The Palin’s and Bachmann’s are morally bankrupt at this point.

  5. People often misus the word “irony.”

    If you really want to see irony, it’s angry people venting on the poor and helpless, like in this video.

    And the politicians these creeps support are the ones enabling the rich to get filthy rich while causing the middle-class to disappear.

  6. Yikes…It’s pretty bad to misspell a word while scolding people for misusing one!

    People often misuse the word “irony.”

    If you really want to see irony, it’s angry people venting on the poor and helpless, like in this video.

    And the politicians these creeps support are the ones enabling the rich to get filthy rich while causing the middle-class to disappear.

  7. I don’t think you can dismiss a whole populist movement, just because it has a couple of rude morons in it. I’m willing to guess if someone who was earnestly against Obama’s health care plan sat on the curb right in front of the pro-government health care side of that rally, an ugly scene could have ensued as well. Statistically, any crowd of people is going to have some assholes in it. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some perfectly rational and pleasant people on both sides of this divisive issue.

    My question is, if that guy wasn’t instigating anything, why did he choose to sit within one foot of a crowd of people that obviously were there to protest his cause?

  8. @ Jeff. Well panhandling is essentially stealing so the kind of “treatment” panhandlers deserve is up for debate I suppose. If these folks were beating the guy up then, yes, that’s way out of line. Maybe you would shower this guy with money, I don’t know. I’m sure this isn’t just your way of expressing how much you hate the Tea Party movement. If the TPM isn’t involved in this video, do you post it? Of course not. But apparently a 48 second video that can’t even be deciphered furthers your point. Come on, you’re a journalist. You should know better. “Hey everyone! look at this brief vid of a bunch of people who don’t share my point of view treating some dude poorly! I told you they were crazy!” WEAK post.

  9. How is panhandling stealing, exactly? The only money a panhandler gets is whatever people are willing to give him. That’s the opposite of stealing.

  10. @ Kenric. Two kinds of panhandlers. There’s the guy you encounter at the freeway exit holding a homeless sign. That’s more what you’re describing. Although most of them are definitely NOT homeless. Then there’s the guy who approaches you outside, say, a fastfood joint and gives you some bogus story about how he needs money cause…fill in the blank. Typically the story makes no sense and you give him 5 bucks.

    Quick story: was exiting the freeway the other day and saw a “homeless” man holding a sign that said “Need money, times are tough, God Bless.” About an hour later, saw a completely different “homeless” man with the EXACT same sign a mile or so away. When you cross that line, as most “homeless” do, then that’s STEALING. At the very least it’s dishonest and misleading.

    SO, that’s why posting a 48 second vid and saying “LOOK EVERYONE! REPUBLICANS HATE PEOPLE WITH PARKINSON’S!” is friggin ridiculous and stupid.

    1. Really? Bottom line: If someone is standing aside a freeway asking for money, he’s struggling. He might be full of shit; might be mentally ill; might be an ass. But, regardless, he’s holding a cardboard sign asking for help. To a seemingly heartless person like yourself, he’s merely a jerkoff trying to get a handout. To those of us with a heart, he’s in a bad spot.

  11. By the way, Jeff – where were you when the “No on H8” protesters were doing the same intimidating (and then some) and vandalizing churches? Wasn’t on youtube? Not “downright frightening” enough? Or just didn’t play to your politics? Hm

    1. Cody, great question. To begin with, I didn’t actually know there was church vandalizing, which—obviously—I’d be against. But would I have blogged about? Probably not. A. Because H8 is a disgusting, bigoted movement; B. Because I don’t agree with H8 and its backers. People tend to take up social causes they agree with. Doesn’t mean I support church attacks in any way. And I certainly don’t think they’re justified or wise.

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