I am inspired once again


Am watching the very, very boring House Senate Health Care Reform hearing.

And I am inspired.

Inspired that money doesn’t always rule the day.

Inspired that we seem to have a president genuinely interested in doing what’s right.

Inspired by the idea of 32 million more Americans having health coverage.

Inspired that a private insurance company will no longer be able to say, “Oh, you have cancer. Your policy doesn’t cover that, because it starts with a C and rhymes with Sclancer, and if you read page 456, paragraph seven, section B22, that’s specifically outlined.”

According to most estimates, health care reform will save the nation money. Personally, I don’t give a damn. I’m sick and tired of hearing Republicans attack health care legislation because it’s too expensive, and we don’t have enough doctors, and taxes and taxes and blah blah blah. Sometimes money isn’t the most important thing; sometimes taxes shouldn’t be our top priority. There are, quite literally, thousands upon thousands of Americans who either can’t afford health coverage or who (like my family) have absolutely dreadful coverage that handles next to nothing. Think about it: Millions of Americans will now be covered. Millions. This isn’t about so-called socialism or a president wanting to overtake the American people. This is about doing the right thing; about battling back against an industry that has run amok.

I’ve heard John Boehner, the minority leader, spew his Darth Vader-esque bullshit about how this will officially doom the Democrats in the coming elections, and my response to this is—Ha! Give me a break. Doom the Democrats? My party—a party with a staggering ability to screw things up—is about to revolutionize health care and change the way we treat our ill. If that’s a recipe for doom, well, so be it. But I believe Boehner to be woefully wrong and woefully out of touch.

Politically, this is a beautiful night for Barack Obama.

Morally, this is a beautiful night for America.