The greatest misuse of an Earl Campbell jersey—ever

What the hell is this?

6 thoughts on “The greatest misuse of an Earl Campbell jersey—ever”

  1. chris cross… didnt he sing “jump” and wear his baseball jersey and jeans backwards? oh wait, that was kris kross with a K.

  2. I wonder if that jersey was like the “breakaway” ones Earl used to wear. If so, I bet it worked wonders allowing him to get away from all of his groupies. I am not sure anything exudes SEXY like Christopher Cross. On another note..I sure wish I had one of those.

  3. Didn’t watch the video, but considering Mr. Cross lived in Austin in 1980 (as did I, and one of my friends was his neighbor), and considering Campbell was a UT hero who played for the Oilers, it’s probable Cross was just a fan.

  4. This was basically my later high school years…Christopher Cross was HUGE during this era…he really fell from popularity rather quickly.

  5. Hello from Red County. Jeff Pearlman is a comdey genius for finding/posting such a fantastic clip from the archives, then titling the article so perfectly.

    Sometimes less is more!

  6. Rudy Ulloa (Wolfie)

    You are full of shit bro. There is no misuse going on here. Especially nothing like those thugs do in their drug and violence related songs while wearing sports jerseys. You’re an idiot.

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