Urban Meyer

I’m late to the game here. Knew of Urban Meyer’s outburst at an Orlando Sentinel reporter, but hadn’t watched the exchange until tonight.

My adjective for the Florida football coach: Pathetic.

You were pathetic when you told the world you’d be taking a leave, and that you couldn’t wait to spend more time with the family.

You were pathetic when that bulls— proved false and phony.

You were pathtic when you threatened a writer, Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel, for accurately and justly quoting one of your players.

To cite Dennis Green, you are what I thought you were—a very, very typical, cliched, holier-than-thou macho college football coach who views himself as beyond reproach. You are part of a system that takes advantage of young (mostly African-American) men by making millions upon millions of dollars off of their physicality, then providing only a (oft-subpar) college education in return. You walk with a swagger, yet what do you have to swagger about? Winning football games? Having endorsement deals? Running an offense? That’s what you’ve contributed to this world? That’s your great societal donation?

Please, do us all a favor and stick to coaching. Because guys like Jeremy Fowler are way out of your league.

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  1. I agree, Jeff. Any journalist in the world that heard a football player or any public figure say something that provocative would have put it in their story. Any reporter that WOULDN’T use such a quote is an idiot.
    Fowler was doing his job.
    In this case, Meyer needs to be a little miffed at both the player that uttered those words and at the SIDs at Florida that obviously aren’t doing a very good job of teaching these kids to properly hold their tongues when the media’s around. To blame this on Fowler or any other reporter is a joke.
    I also agree that most everything that Meyer has ever done during his time as the coach of Florida smacks of douchebaggery. I was so glad that they lost to Alabama this year….

  2. 1) Meyer embarrasses the guy in _public_ then _privately_ apologizes? wtf

    2)Meyer said, “if that were my son, we’d be going at it right now.” Painful.

    3) Guy said he had major health problems and needed time off. Dude needs time off.

  3. On the other hand I had never heard of Jeremy Fowler before.
    I’m guessing several news organizations hadn’t either.

    I’m not a Meyer fan, I think Florida is pretty chicken– for booking teams such as Charleston Southern, Troy, and FIU at home last year.
    In fact EVERY out of Conference game other than the Bowl was played at home.
    Big question mark for Tebow, in my mind, is he didn’t play in the cold.
    Add to that Florida never taught him how to throw and you have to wonder why anyone likes Meyer.

  4. All Fowler did was ask the kid a question and publish the quote. And somehow Meyer thinks that’s out of line? Threatens to pull his credentials? Meyer’s not just pathetic, he’s lousy at his job.

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