JEFF PEARLMAN book contest


Thought this might be fun …

I’m somehow in charge of planning the Mahopac High School Class of 1990 20-year reunion, scheduled for a month from now. One of the things we’re probably going to have is a video montage, along with music. So here’s the contest—give me two songs perfectly suited for a montage of photographs from high school. Originally one of the tunes I had was Time by Hootie and the Blowfish, but tonight my wife rightly pointed out, “That is so lame.”

The rules:

1. I need two songs.

2. If I use one of your songs (and you’re the first to suggest it), I’ll send you a free book, signed.

3. If I use both of your songs (and you’re the first to suggest them), I’ll send you a signed book now, and I’ll hook you up with an advanced copy of my next book, due out in 2011.

4. Earlier today my friend Frank Zaccheo sent me a list of possible songs. One of the recommendations was this. If you agree with Frank that That’s What Friends Are For would make a good addition, please get naked, coat yourself with honey and find the nearest hive.  🙂

5. Post answers below.