A president on a roll …

It took a year, but this much is pretty undeniable: President Obama is on a roll. Health care passed, nuclear initiatives with Russia, improved jobs numbers. Everything in politics comes in waves, and I’m sure we’ll all be hating him in a month. But—like Clinton nearly two decades ago—a rough start doesn’t mean an entirely rough presidency.


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  1. Jeff in Alabama people have quit looking for work so the numbers are down //. Gas prices are the highest in two years // stick to sports love ya!

  2. Jeff…I think we’ll see him gain a lot of momentum in the coming months.

    Healthcare was the big one and it had to be done quickly.

    The reason: the American people were going to need time before the November elections to see the plan in action, reap the benefits, and even see that the sun still will come up each day.

    So far, so good. Ever since the bill was signed last Tuesday the weather here has been beautiful…thanks Obama.

    And what’s this I’m reading? Many Republicans are now softening their stance on repealing the bill? They fear that by pushing to repeal the bill it could actually cost them the election? What? Are you kidding me?

    If it’s a bad bill they should be hell-bent on repealing it. They shouldn’t worry about their seat in the House.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans were full of shit and their efforts to derail the bill really were all about politics.

    I may not agree with everything Obama is doing, or even understand fully what he has done, but I’ll say this, he has done SOMETHING.

    He’s putting it all on the line. He’s not worrying about his next term. He’s working in this one.

  3. Michael Stei nhardt

    I have been a huge supporter of President Obama and am excited about all the things you mentioned. I am EXTREMELY disappointed however, with his recent decision to expand offshore drilling.

  4. Steve H,

    Obama isn’t thinking about his next term, huh? That’s why are large number of the more costly intiatives will become effective in 2013, the year after the election. Wake up, Obama is no better or worse than any politico, R or D. They are always thinking about the next election.

  5. jobs unemployment is 9.7% and lets not forget the people who have given up looking. Sure the gov is going to hire 600,000 people for the census for 6 months so that will make the job numbers look better but its temporally and salaries haven’t risen while gas prices sure have

  6. What Roger said earlier is true everywhere.
    People have either quit looking for work or have lost their unemployment benefits.
    Here in Oregon the job picture is very bleak.
    Home prices have plummeted as people try to sell and leave.
    You reduce the unemployment rate if you can’t create jobs.

    Personally I would like to see a reduction in the retirement age for receiving full Social Security benefits.
    Many of us older folks would retire opening more jobs for you younger folks.

  7. Hey Jeff!

    I see these comments about unemployment & the economy. It never ceases to amaze me how people can quickly forget who botched the economy & put so many people out of work. Obama has been in office just over a year yet many folks think he should have (miraculously) fixed the mess that Dumbya spent 8 years creating.

    I don’t know if Obama’s legacy will be that of a good or great or crappy President. But can we please give him more than 15 months worth of judgement?

    P.S. Deb says hi and we’re pimpin your blog hot & heavy on our site. Keep up the great work!

    P.P.S. Go Lakers! Go Dallas Cowboys!

  8. Chris…of course all politicians consider the next election, but Obama’s decisions aren’t based on getting re-elected.

    He’s making some pretty unpopular moves…at least they are unpopular with a vocal group of people.

    That’s something we didn’t see for the past eight years.

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