If anyone can beat this …


… Jim can.

I am currently writing a piece about someone named Jim who died of cancer. In the buildup to his death, those around him said, “If anyone can beat this, Jim can.” Jim was strong. Jim was tough. Jim was powerful.

Jim is dead.

I love positive thinking, and believe there’s a legitimate value to it. But can anyone show me an example of “If anyone can beat this …” actually being true. Some people get sick and live, some people get sick and die. It has much to do with genetics and luck and medical access and, sadly, money (what type of health provisions can one afford). Many powerful people have contracted serious illnesses and died from them. Many weak people have contracted serious illnesses and lived.

Just babbling.

4 thoughts on “If anyone can beat this …”

  1. The war/sports metaphor when applied to a disease like cancer appalls me. It suggests that if you die of cancer you are somehow a “loser.” You can no more “beat” cancer than you can “beat” a tornado. Rather, you try to take shelter as best you can, and ultimately hope for the best.

    In short, I agree with you.

  2. Jim here too…give it to me stright Doc, am I dying…well, I guess we’re all dying every day…but am I dying, dying????

  3. I get it. i think we all do. I like most of your stuff but it seems like you are being cynical just for the sake of being cynical. Just insensitive and lacks humanity, man. Why get a dog? It’s only going to die in 15 years? See that baby? Depending on where he grows up, he’s gonna have a better/worse life and probably be miserable/happy or live short/long life. Well, no sh%$. You’re talking about a man that lived and died. Show some respect.

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