What I love most about this video …

isn’t the goofy singers from the University of Oregon, but the reaction of we New Yorkers. Which is, with rare exception, a collective yawn. We don’t look up. We don’t hum along. Hell, we don’t even turn off the iPod. If you’re a true New Yorker, you see this sorta shit every single day. Or at least you pretend to. Which is a part of our charm.

You might come from Oregon and think you’re about to rock the subway, but it’s impossible—we will not allow ourselves to be rocked. Instead, we’ll assume you’re asking for money.

4 thoughts on “What I love most about this video …”

  1. very on point haha. why are tourists in nyc so easily impressed with themselves? and you ever see those large crowds around break dancers in the subways? as if no ones ever seen break dancing before? theyre not even that good.

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