Plantar Fasciitis Hell


About a month ago my friend Paul held his 38th birthday party at a gym. It was a fantastic time—he assembled 15 friends and had a round robin hoops tournament. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Three hours of basketball.

Since then, however, my life has been hell.

Wait. That’s an exaggeration. Not my life—just the sole of my left foot. Tender, painful, inflamed. I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis before, and it absolutely, positively, 100% sucks. I remember, back a few years, when Tim Duncan missed a bunch of games with the ailment, and I thought, “What a wuss.” I completely take that back. It’s insanely horrible, and takes … forever … to … go … away. Forever.

This is my way of asking: Does anyone have advice? Spring is here, and I wanna run, dammit.