Plantar Fasciitis Hell


About a month ago my friend Paul held his 38th birthday party at a gym. It was a fantastic time—he assembled 15 friends and had a round robin hoops tournament. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Three hours of basketball.

Since then, however, my life has been hell.

Wait. That’s an exaggeration. Not my life—just the sole of my left foot. Tender, painful, inflamed. I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis before, and it absolutely, positively, 100% sucks. I remember, back a few years, when Tim Duncan missed a bunch of games with the ailment, and I thought, “What a wuss.” I completely take that back. It’s insanely horrible, and takes … forever … to … go … away. Forever.

This is my way of asking: Does anyone have advice? Spring is here, and I wanna run, dammit.


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  1. Tons of calf stretching. And try sleeping on your stomach with you feet off the bed, toes pointed to the floor. Or you can see an orthopedist who can get you a boot that’ll keep your foot at a right angle as you sleep.

  2. I agree tons of calf stretching and put quality insoles in all of your shoes. I bought $30 pairs of Superfeet ones from a running store.

  3. I had plantar fasciitis this time last year and tried the stretching, which helped some. But it didn’t go away until I tried bicycling, which must have the same effect on the foot. The pain went away immediately and never returned.

    Of course the bicycling eventually led to a crash and a separated shoulder, but that’s another injury altogether.

    Good luck and long live the USFL.

  4. I know it sounds weird, but do some running in bare feet. I had a bunch of problems when I started running (thanks to a bunch of titanium in my leg), and switched over to the barefoot technique in December when I got a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. I’m not saying change your style completely, but go out once or twice a week to a smooth, grassy area and do a mile or so without shoes.

    Or you could pick up a bike 🙂

  5. Go back in time, don’t say Tim Duncan is a wuss and then karma won’t have to smack you down.

    Sorry, don’t have any practical advice. I hope it gets better for you.

  6. Massage it either with:
    a golf ball OR
    a soda bottle that was filled to the brim with water and frozen overnight.
    see a PT and have him/her work on it.

  7. Yes, the stretching when you wake up is huge. Should’ve clarified that, good tip. And to follow up on the barefeet comment…I agree, it’s great for you! Find a soccer field, try a little bit. Really works those foot muscles and builds up support. Also, if you feel you need a little protection, try out the Vibram Five Fingers. Love mine.

  8. Gone through the same thing numerous times while training for a triathlon the past few months.

    (Click my web site to read my blog about some of it)

    (Sorry for the shameless plug)

    Anyway, the stretching and bicycling must be what are working for me. It comes and goes. Thankfully, it came last week but pretty much went by today — first tri is Sunday.

    Man. All about myself today. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to be.

    Anyway, to sum up …. stretch and ride a bike. While you ride, concentrate on stretching, too. Definitely helps.

    Also good: wife’s foot massages.

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