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Has been a while since I received one like this:

Great article!!! Now didn’t you write an article saying Willie fucking Gault could still play? I mean come on dude do you just grab ideas from your three year old? I mean jason bay is already  a  BUST BEFORE HE PLAYED A GAME WITH THE METS.. This after nearly leading the league in RBI’s just months earlier  yet hes a bust according to you.. now LT is a bust and washed up..But Willie fucking Gault at 50 should get a chance to play again.. I really need to know the strain of marijuana you smoke.. i really do.. i could help a lot of people with a substance that mind altering, i really could, please forward the info. I appreciate it…Willie Gault jesus christ!!
P.S. what kind of pictures do you have on the SI bosses that you actually have  a job? well played  you thief of salary ..unless of course they just pay you by each absurd ridiculous word you type.. if so you must be a fucking millionaire   willie fucking gault unfucking believeable!!  LT  quit!! Jason BAy quit.. Gault  your in!!!  thanks coach!!!!!  you nimrod

Here’s my response:

Thanks for the e-mail. Appreciate you reading.

Let me ask you a question—being 100% serious. We’ve never met, I’m guessing. You don’t know me; don’t know my family or my daily routine. You have no idea if I spent all day at a hospital with my ill grandmother; or if I volunteered at a soup kitchen; or if I rob banks and mock children. You just don’t know me. At all. So why in the world would you write such an insanely disrespectful e-mail. The cursing, “nimrod.”

Are you an unhappy person, and this is your way of letting off steam? Actually being serious, because I don’t get it. There are ways to disagree without such staggering anger.

Let me know, if you have a chance.




I’m interested to see if he responds. I’m guessing no—but I’ll let y’all know.  🙂

19 thoughts on “E-mail of the day …”

  1. Jeff, I agree that the email is way to angry. It reminds me when you rail against Sarah Palin. A person who holds no political office. Yet you seem to be incensed when ever you write about her. I enjoy your work have a great day.

  2. Jeff, are *you* an unhappy person? All you do is bitch and whine about things/people and quite often you write things bashing various people (Erin Andrews being the most recent). Pardon me, but if much of your writing involves ranting about people in a public forum, why is it a big deal for someone to send you a private email (however rude it may be)? For someone with such a thin skin, you sure know how to go after other people.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Steve and Mark. Particularly your use of the word “hate” when referring to anyone who doesn’t agree with your extremely liberal political views. You generally perceive anyone not from the east or west coast as uneducated dolts. Which many of us may be but that trait isn’t limited to middle america. That being said, you’re a good writer, despite the fact that I almost always disagree with your political views. I think you’d be much happier if you considered a more middle of the road approach to judging others.

    I enjoy the blog, Doug

  4. Jeff, I’ve got your back. For those of you that don’t personally know him: he is an awesome guy, very cheerful on the basketball court, has a great upfake, and is just really great to be around. Too bad that too many people judge somebody by whether they agree with you or not. It’s not the opinion that matters when judging a person, it’s how you handle the disagreement that reveals your character.

  5. My point exactly, I read his blog all the time and rarely agree with him regarding politics, but I have enough respect for him as a person not to degrade him because of that. I don’t hate his opinion, I just feel it’s wrong. Has Jeff ever met Sarah Palin? Do you know what Jeffs response was when the President couldn’t name a single white sox player? He said he was a lifelong fan. How is his stumbling any different than Palins?

  6. Let’s hope there’s a difference between virulently criticizing Sarah Palin, a former VP candidate and potential presidential candidate and doing the same to a writer, who, however talented and accomplished, is not going to be running for the highest office in the land one day.

    Having said that, Jeff can probably tell an interviewer what books he likes to read. And, my guess is that he has never held the belief as an adult that humans and dinosaurs shared the earth.

  7. Jeff, ya need to look in a mirror.
    Trust me it won’t break, your really not a bad lookin’ guy.
    Not only do you over react to Palin. I’m not much of a fan either but you’re a total hater.
    You want Tebow to fail. At least your angry critic doesn’t want you to fail. He just wants you to wise up, and see things his way. (I liked the Gault story, I’d love to see him on a team.)
    Any mention of Christianity sets you off like a side hobby for Dr. Oppenheimer.
    Mention Israel I start to wonder if it’s a full moon.

    I don’t mind your anger. I guess what I’m saying here is, if you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

    You have some really thin skin.

  8. I like the fact that Jeff has opinions and it doesn’t bother me that I do or don’t share them. Jeff’s point, I think, is that this e-mailer didn’t conduct himself in a civil manner. Jeff’s rants about Palin or EA aren’t intended for those people, they’re for whoever wants to read them. If he did send a note to SP or EA, I feel confident that he’d do so without cursing and calling them nimrods.

    For me, it’s good that Jeff feels comfortable sharing his thoughts here. I’m glad he doesn’t spend too much time considering how you or I might react to what he’s thinking in that moment…even if that thought is hater-ish.

  9. Ick – what jerks to suggest that your valid criticism of a woman who has presidential aspirations is remotely comparable to this dude’s e-mail.
    As a writer myself, I understand all too well these kind of e-mails. I get more than my share and really, what it shows is how much power you have over these people, Jeff, that WORDS ON PAPER cause them to turn into assholes.
    As writers, it is our JOB to analyze, critique, even criticize. That is OUR JOB. Readers are to read, reflect and comment. We writers don’t get paid enough to take abuse like this, much less death threats.
    I’m on your side on this, Jeff. Unless you endure this kind of thing regularly, I’m not sure you can fully understand.

  10. The fact that some readers here feel that this email is the same thing as Jeff’s criticism of Palin, Andrews, etc.. is absurd. I disagree with some of his views as well, but he isn’t a raving lunatic who makes personal attacks.

    He wrote an article about sports. Sarah Palin was almost the vice president.

  11. i read that letter and i was laughing by the end of it. really funny stuff i thought. it’s ok by me to be a hater, there’s plenty of people i hate. i admit it. plenty of people i don’t like.

  12. Pearlman wasn’t asking this guy to not to disagree with him or even asking him not to write to him…he was asking him to show some common decency. I blasted an email to Jeff one time concerning an article that I felt was a stretch and I was not particularly sweet with my words. However, he responded with the kind of words you would expect a friend would say to you if you shared with them a point of opposite opinion. Politest fuck off I ever got…and I respected him more for it.

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