E-mail of the day …


Has been a while since I received one like this:

Great article!!! Now didn’t you write an article saying Willie fucking Gault could still play? I mean come on dude do you just grab ideas from your three year old? I mean jason bay is already  a  BUST BEFORE HE PLAYED A GAME WITH THE METS.. This after nearly leading the league in RBI’s just months earlier  yet hes a bust according to you.. now LT is a bust and washed up..But Willie fucking Gault at 50 should get a chance to play again.. I really need to know the strain of marijuana you smoke.. i really do.. i could help a lot of people with a substance that mind altering, i really could, please forward the info. I appreciate it…Willie Gault jesus christ!!
P.S. what kind of pictures do you have on the SI bosses that you actually have  a job? well played  you thief of salary ..unless of course they just pay you by each absurd ridiculous word you type.. if so you must be a fucking millionaire   willie fucking gault unfucking believeable!!  LT  quit!! Jason BAy quit.. Gault  your in!!!  thanks coach!!!!!  you nimrod

Here’s my response:

Thanks for the e-mail. Appreciate you reading.

Let me ask you a question—being 100% serious. We’ve never met, I’m guessing. You don’t know me; don’t know my family or my daily routine. You have no idea if I spent all day at a hospital with my ill grandmother; or if I volunteered at a soup kitchen; or if I rob banks and mock children. You just don’t know me. At all. So why in the world would you write such an insanely disrespectful e-mail. The cursing, “nimrod.”

Are you an unhappy person, and this is your way of letting off steam? Actually being serious, because I don’t get it. There are ways to disagree without such staggering anger.

Let me know, if you have a chance.




I’m interested to see if he responds. I’m guessing no—but I’ll let y’all know.  🙂