A blunt object to my skull


Inexplicably, I just finished watching another episode of V.

Inexplicably, my brain is still sort of working.

V is, hands down, the worst TV show I have ever watched with any sort of regularity. I was initially interested because, 26 years ago, I loved the original NBC series. But this knock-off version is so horribly, terrifically, unambiguously heinous that I almost can’t stop myself. It’s akin to a decade back, when Russ Bengtson and I sat together in our NYC apartment and watched Chips ’99 from beginning to end. Couldn’t take our eyes away from the carnage.

But at least that show was ludicrous and sort of self-depricating. V simply sucks in every possible way. Terrible acting+nonsense storylines+Grade-F writing=the worst program on television.

Tune in next week …

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