Today’s column …


… is about the invisible man, Mr. Barry Lamar Bonds.

11 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. I don’t think B*nds cares.
    He can go most anywhere and not be hounded by fans – for B*nds a reward.
    I wonder if eventually being out of the limelight may actually get him into the HOF.
    If Alex R*driguez and the like make it into the HOF Barry will too.

  2. Even taking out the steroids factor, what a shame. He could have been a great ambassador for baseball. Instead he was a jackass. By the way, Tiger Woods seems to be turning into Barry Bonds Lite.

  3. yeah, what a shame when men don’t be what we want them to be. at least the SF Giants had a 10 year reunion so Jeff could justify taking a half day, writing about somebody nobody cares about.

  4. Jeff:
    Does it irritate you that feels the need to summarize your brief column (as they do with most others) into three sentences? For those of us too busy to take the extra two minutes to read the whole thing? It eems apropos for this whole Twitter generation.

  5. Hey, those three sentences did a very nice job summarizing the page-long whine into tidy bullet points.

    You know who cares about Barry Bonds? Jeff Pearlman cared, enough to write about him. Again.

  6. Did assign you to write an article about Bonds? If not, then you must “care” about him.

    I’ve seen Bonds treat some reporters nice. Maybe, he just doesn’t like you?

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