Today’s column …


… is reflection from my high school reunion, and the lessons learned.

And, just in case anyone here thinks I’m miling my reunion for some sort of profit, CNN pays, literally, zero, and the Wall Street Journal‘s website gave me $50. So why write ’em? Because when you’re passionate about something, you want to write. That’s when this is at its best. Not having to pen 500 words on, oh, Yankees-Rangers. But on life events and big moments and people you respect.

That’s the money of writing.

PS: How to explain the above photo? In 1989-90, Ari Pollack and I decided to start a DJ company. We called it “DJ Connection” and placed an ad in the local weekly. We had no qualifications; no real equipment. Just many tapes and records, and Ari’s 100-watt speakers. We nailed down one gig—my parents’ synagogue’s little party. I believe we made $50 total.

3 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. ….take the 50 and put it toward increasing your prescription.

    I can’t imagine how suicidal you would be if you really had it tough.

  2. Penn State-Altoona! Ha!

    Glad you had a good time. My 20th is this year and I would rather amputate my testicles with a blunt knife than attend such a thing.

    I was picked on in high school — nothing physical and not enough that I was the class whipping boy or anything. It was probably minor in the overall scheme of things, but enough that it left some scars.

    So what am I going to talk about with these people? “Hey, that was a great party you didn’t invite me to!” Or “Remember that time we didn’t smoke a joint outside of shop class?”

    To me, it would be like a prisoner going back to jail 20 years later to hang out with the wardens. To hell with that, and to hell with them.

    Your perspective is probably the more mature one, but I think mine is equally valid.

  3. My 20th is this year as well. Big class (approx. 400); haven’t been in touch with any of them in years. (Living 1,000 miles away doesn’t help.) I was neither Mr. Popular nor bullied.

    The reunion is in August; I’ll probably decide at the last minute. It’s funny how leaving HS isn’t necessarily the end of one’s HS insecurities.

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