Just so I understand this? BP absolutely descimates the Gulf of Mexico with an oil spill the size of Saturn (ok, a slight embellishment. But you get the idea), and the people left in charge of cleaning the thing up are … BP!?

Uh …

I know, I know. I’m late to this. And BP is supposedly more qualified than anyone else to do the job. But, if someone walks up to my kid and douses his head with boiling milk, I’m not then going to trust the guy to clean it up, too. It’s absolutely inane, and I blame every active politician for this entire mess.

• Obama, for not showing more force and resolve and anger. It was easy, during an election, to blast corporate America. But here we are, and a corporate giant has truly fucked things up … and you’re quiet? Really, that’s the best you can do?

• The Republicans in Congress, who continue to push and push and push for more drilling. Congrats, you’ve gotten what you asked for.

• BP, a company of indescribable evilness. I will never, ever, ever buy gas from BP again. Ever.

• George W. Bush, because it’s fun.

Really, it’s just unfathomable. People don’t seem to realize how brutally bad this is. Or maybe they do. But American Idol is on. And the Lost finale. And … and … and …

3 thoughts on “BP”

  1. I don’t agree with the “evilness” thing. Yes, they screwed up and, yes, they’ve been less than honest with the public about the extent of the situation. But “evil” is too much.

    If they had created this spill intentionally, that would be “evil.” As it is, I’ll settle for “inept” as a descriptor.

  2. Muhammad Goldstein

    [1] Jim, Check out the history of BP, how they (alongwith the US govt) instigated a coup in Iran in order to protect their oil monopoly.

    Yes, evil is an apt word.

  3. BP WANTS to continue to drill.
    If this oil gusher continues to spew, even more people will become opposed to drilling.
    BP has much to gain by stopping to flow, and cleaning the mess.
    As an environmentalist I think they are the best choice.
    Doesn’t mean I like them, I just think they are more motivated.

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