Two. Oh. One.


Woke up this morning and stepped onto the damned bathroom scale.



I ate like a pig this weekend. Nothing new—I always eat like a pig. But, combined with the foot injury from hell, eating like a pig isn’t working. At my best, and happiest I’m 190. So 201? No good. Need to change my eating habits in a major way. Am here looking for help.

My three weaknesses:

1. Shitty dessert-esque foods (cookies, pretzels, ice cream, etc)

2. Cheese.

2. Noshing. Especially late at night, when I’m trying to write.

This morning I griped to my wife, who is a tad exasperated by my moaning—and inability to do anything—about this subject. “Give up all dessert,” she moaned, “and you’ll see.”

OK. I think the foot might be on the mend, which I really need (if I take one more spin class, I’ll start vomiting bike pedals). So, a return to running (knock, knock) plus no more sweets might do the trick. So here’s my procolomation:

For the next month, I will have:

• None of those fatty-ass Starbucks coffee drinks that house a gazillion callories and even more fat.

• Two sweet tastes per week. Maybe, like, one cookie on one day, and an ice cream another. But nothing more. I’m actually going to follow the wife’s advice and keep a pad with me, to chronicle all I eat.

• Nothing but vegetables after 10 pm. (This will be really hard).

I’ll gladly take any advice here. Please. I have weak moments; look in the mirror and say, “You don’t look overweight,” etc … etc. But I hate that number … hate knowing how easily I could go from 201 to 210 to 220 to Goodyear.

I’m starting now.

In the Atlanta Coffee Shop.

Where the sweets are glazed.

And free samples run wild.


8 thoughts on “Two. Oh. One.”

  1. i keep a bucket of salad in the fridge almost all the time.

    when i want a snack, there is always salad. don’t know about you, but i like salad. great snack.

  2. It sounds almost silly, but just keep the food you don’t want to eat out of the house. Don’t buy cookies. Don’t buy ice cream.

    If it’s not within arms reach, it’s much less tempting.

  3. Jeff:

    Throughout my fight over the last year and a half I went from 188 pounds to 259 pounds.

    After getting back to the gym and eating right I’m down to 233 (I was lower last week, but that’s what maintenance chemo will do to you).

    Here’s what I do:

    1. Work out. You have to do it. There’s no magic pill. Lift weights and walk/jog/run. It’s great for your body and your mind will enjoy it too…it’s an hour a day you can spend by yourself.

    2. Eat smaller portions but more meals. Space your meals every 2-3 hours during the day. Eat no more than 400-500 calories per meal. For some people that’s more than they eat now, but your body will turn into a furnace and become a calorie burning machine.

    The portions is a big deal. I once entertained a friend from Canada and he was surprised at how big our dinner portions were at restaurants.

    Cut back on how much you eat during meals, increase the frequency of your meals and be sure to cut out the unnecessary fats.

    3. Muscle Milk. I love it. Tastes great, it’s filling, it has the right amount of calories and protein. Use it in place of one of your meals. They come in ready-to-drink little containers too and at about $1.75 per serving it’s not too pricey. It’s cheaper if you buy the tubs and mix your own.

    4. Granola Bars. I have these chewy granola bars (off brand…Sunny Delight or something like that…not the expensive quaker oats ones). They are awesome. I’ll eat those in place of the “other” snacks I used to eat. Once you break the habit of eating chocolate bars and ice cream, you’ll actually prefer a granola bar.

    Sample daily diet for me:

    8 a.m. Package of instant oatmeal

    10 a.m. Met-Rx Meal replacement drink with two scoops protein powder

    11 a.m. work out/run

    12 p.m. Muscle Milk/Granola bar

    2 p.m. Peanut butter and jelly

    4 p.m. Granola bar/fruit

    7 p.m. dinner with family (watch the portions)

    10 p.m. snack (typically it’s a bag of microwave popcorn)

    Now, the real magic is what I drink. WATER. Drink tons of it. Drink at least 8 oz. every hour. Keep chugging it. If there’s a magic to losing weight, it’s water.

    I used to drink a 2-liter of Pepsi every day. Now, I won’t touch the stuff….it’s water for me.

    Good luck.

  4. Keep a food diary of everything you eat. It helps. Also now that summer is approaching with barbecues and going out more, you may want to set aside 1 day a week to not worry about what you eat.

    Best of luck.

  5. doug, my basic salad is hearts of romaine, peppers, leeks, seeded cucumbers, carrot shreds and maybe red cabbage shreds if i see them in the store.

    this is all stuff that will stay fairly dry and usable for about a week or so.

    if you like tomatoes it is just as simple to add a few cherry tomatoes.

    thing is, it is just as easy to make a big bucket of salad as it is to make a small salad. and then once it’s made, it is easy enough to put a couple handfuls in a bowl and munch away. it is easy to grab one when you are being lazy instead of some cookies or whatever your weakness is.

  6. I no longer have a thyroid. Weight went up.
    I am physical so it helps, but some other ideas.
    A handful of nuts (Not A Can Full) about an hour before dinner helps cut your hunger.
    Eggs are actually very good at making you feel full for a long time.
    NO SODA!!!!!
    Light drinking to avoid the beer belly.
    No fast foods.
    There are others, but those really help.
    Sorry to say I have an Ice Cream lust that does kill me.

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