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Bad Ronald

One of my friends is a guy named Aaron Handelman. Back in 2001, he was a member of the hiphop group Bad Ronald. I had never heard of B.R. before I met Aaron, and when he told me about the above video I didn’t believe it. And yet, there he is, the guy popping out of the garbage can in a cloud of pot smoke.

About a year ago I bought Bad Ronald’s CD on Amazon for $1. Aaron tends to dismiss it as sophomoric goop, and to some extent it is. But, amidst the rubble are a couple of standout songs. Let’s Begin (the tune above) is great. There’s another tune, called Delivery, where Aaron raps his Chinese food order over the phone. It’s quick, funky and hilarious.

I’m not sure why I’m bringing this up. I’m bored, I suppose. But I also believe, firmly, that had Bad Ronald’s lone CD not hit stores on 09/11/01, Let’s Begin hits the charts. Perhaps it doesn’t become an enormous hit, but people know it.