Two. Oh. One. (Part II)


Had a pretty good day yesterday, eating very little. Nothing for breakfast, salad with chicken (minimal dressing) for lunch, full dinner of chicken quesadillas (made by the wife, healthily) with a small side of macaroni salad. Worked late into the night, munched on some dry Corn Flakes and a bag of baby carrots. Man, do I hate carrots.

Today, opened with single bowl of Kashi cereal (which I like); had a salad (lite dressing) for lunch and am drinking iced coffee, with one sugar. This isn’t especially fun. I’m sitting here in Starbucks, being taunted by the pastries in the display case. They call me, “Jeff—haaaavvvveee a cooookiiiieee … haaaaaavvvvveeee a cookooookieeee.” But I won’t. Am dedicated to this. Uhg.

Wanna get back to 190.

Anyhow, nobody cares about this, so I apologize. Instead, let’s talk Oliver Perez, and the doom of the Mets rotation.

As I’ve said before here, I always liked Omar Minaya when I covered the game for SI. Nice guy, usually available. But if he’s fired come season’s end (and he likely will be), it’ll be because he handed Perez a three-year deal paying $9 million per. In other words, he is completely untradable. Baseball history tells us that, when the phrase “mentally fragile” is used regularly to describe a ballplayer, it’s best to walk away. Perez is, factually, mentally fragile. One good pitch … three bad pitches … one good inning … two terrible ones. Sure, he has the standard “great stuff.” But if a dude can’t toss the ball over the plate with any sense of normalcy, what’s the point? Minaya had to have known this was a distinct possibility. Perez has been a project forever. It never changes.

OK, back to writing.

5 thoughts on “Two. Oh. One. (Part II)”

  1. Jeff – If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t skip breakfast. I’m in a similar situation and I found out that if you eat a good hearty breakfast(healthy, with lots of protein), you will be less inclined to cheat later. Plus you will most likely burn the extra fat all day anyway.

  2. Ditto what Michael just said. Skipping meals is a recipe for disaster if trying to lose weight. Eating 4-5 smaller meals/snacks per day rather than 2-3 big meals is the best M.O. for long-term weight stability.

  3. Pretty much what everyone else has said.

    I don’t know much about nutrition, but the one thing I do know is that you shouldn’t skip breakfast. In fact, someone more schooled in this told me to look at my stomach as a furnace.

    If you want it get hotter (burn up stuff — in this case calories) you start with kindling (breakfast). The furnace wants to burn more and more as the day goes on and it’s important to have that kindling in there to get it going.

    Maybe not the best metaphor, but I think you get my drift.

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