Death in 3s


There are certain loopy people I know who genuinely believe that deaths happen in 3s. So, with Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper passing within the past 48 hours, they’re on the edge of their seats, waiting for the triangle to be completed.

I, for one, ain’t holding my breath. To begin with, the whole concept is inane; one endorsed by those very same people who look you up and down, then say, “Your aura oozes purple. What sign were you born under?” Second, when it comes to dying, who’s to say what’s celebrity and what’s not celebrity? Dennis Hopper is one of the elite actors of our lives, while Coleman was a faded sitcom star. Are they even in the same boat? The same ocean? Hell, I’d argue that, what Coleman is to Hopper, I am to Coleman. I’m not a celebrity, obviously, or anything resembling a celebrity. But If Hopper is 100 and Coleman is 50, well, I can be a 0. That’s fair. So if I died today (and, following this post, that’d be incredibly spooky, eh?), would that complete the Deaths in 3s?


Speaking of death, I just took a dlightful nap. It’s 6:34 pm, and my wife was nice enough to make the kids dinner. Man, do I love naps.

Even for a 0.

8 thoughts on “Death in 3s”

  1. I think (to the people that espouse this theory) that Art Linkletter would have been number one in this go-round.
    Funny image, though.

  2. With our fascination in celebrities we have tons of aging “stars”. I think people are going to start claiming these things happen in 5’s then 7’s then …

  3. I love the idea if the trifecta apartment. When the 3 die, they all share an apartment in the afterlife. So, in this instance, it would be Art Linklatter, Gary Coleman, and Dennis Hopper.
    Art would be constantly trying to interview Gary, thinking that Coleman was a kid, while Hooper is in the corner recreating his character from ‘Blue Velvet’. Now there’s a mental image for you….

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