Patch Adams and the Temple of Doom


My wife and I disagree on many things, but nothing more striking than the quality of Patch Adams.

Catherine lists Patch Adams as one of her all-time favorite films. I list Patch Adams as anal discharge.

To me, one scene in this you-can-change-the-world-if-you-just-believe saga from brain dead hell sums up my feelings: Early in the film, Patch (Robin Williams) is trying to prove to a medical school classmate that laughter is the best medicine. So he climbs a tree, then dangles down just as an elderly woman passes by. “You’ll see,” he tells his peer. “Just watch.”

In the real world, Bertha has a heart attack and dies. Hell, she’s probably 85, and this strange man pops out of a tree. Surely, he’s a mugger. Maybe even a rapist.

Here, in Patch Adams, she giggles like a child. Literally, she giggles, then shoos her hand in that you-wacky-kidder motion. It is inane and pathetic; the worst genre of movie moment.

Making matters worse, Williams character spends much of the movie hitting on a fellow student, played by Monica Potter. She is initially repulsed, but over time (and, of course, laughs) he begins to win her heart. Yet more than reaffirming or joyful, it’s creepy. Williams is 20 years older than Potter in real life, and no matter Mork’s comb-over, it just screams, “Ew.”

2 thoughts on “Patch Adams and the Temple of Doom”

  1. Patch Adams, the movie, is a complete farce. I’ve talked to the man himself! There was never any girl, it was a guy! He never started that hospital WHILE in school. He never made that speech at the end to the medical students. The list goes on and on.

    One point though, people don’t act as you think they will. I took psychology in college and we were told to try different wacky things and see how people react. One example, I stood in an elevator facing the BACK and waited for the next floor. People got in and, yes, they thought I was nuts. You know what though? THEY then turned around like me and faced the back! If you do something totally out of line people don’t always react the way you think they would.

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