Everything will be fine

… says BP, in this infuriating advertisement that appeared in today’s New York Times:


To begin with, this is pure spin. Pure, 100% spin. There is no other reason for the corporation to be spending money on advertising. Which is disgusting, times 100 million. People have lost their livelihoods. The Gulf of Mexico is a mess. And you’re telling us “We will make this right”? Are you friggin’ kidding me? Are you?

Secondly, there is no “making this right.” None. You might do a relatively OK job of cleaning things up. But it’ll never be the same; never be close to the same. And if I’m one of the people directly impacted by this disaster—someone who works on a shrimp boat; someone who lives off the environment—I sue BP for a gazillion dollars … plus legal fees.


And, speaking of incredible, yesterday George W. Bush told an audience that he was proud of waterboarding terrorists, and that he’d do it again. He also has no regrets over the war in Iraq—even though, ahem, the evidence didn’t pan out. Please re-read that. And do it again. Yes, he would continue to waterboard people. Yes, he’s proud of Iraq.

Dear God. How was this man ever president? Love Obama, hate Obama—he’s intelligent. And capable of admitting blunders. And, apparently, evolving. But not Bush. Same ol Shrub …

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  1. i think you’re being alarmist, jeff. bp’s got this handled. as you can see from the above picture, they’ve hired a crew of at least five guys for this cleanup. these are likely some of the best cleanup guys in the biz. moppers, scrubbers, spillers-of-sawdust-and-solvents. but bp didn’t stop there. look at the picture again – what’s that crew standing on? dry land? nope. it’s a dinghy. and that’s no ordinary dinghy. it’s painted blue and white.

    it’s not too late to apologize.

  2. Bush
    Can be forgiven, he thought they meant wakeboarding. That’s why he gave the OK. Apparently he said something like, “Great idea Dick. We’ll let them have some fun behind a boat. They’ll tell us everything once they know how nice we are.”

  3. Iraq
    Mixed emotions here.
    If we were able to stop Hitler for gassing the Jews, as easily as we stomped Saddam, should we have?
    Or should we have sat back and done nothing all the while knowing it was going on?
    Ali Hassan al-Majid was just as evil, maybe on a smaller scale, but EVIL.
    Instead of bringing people to camps and gassing them, he took the gas to the Kurds.
    His decree (June ’87):
    *Within their jurisdiction, the armed forces must kill any human being or animal present in these areas.*

    By 1988 4,000 villages were destroyed. Estimates say 180,000 Kurds were killed, 1.5 million were deported.

    The city, Halabja (70,000) was bombarded with chemical and cluster bombs. Children were laying in the street with lunch pails. 5,000 (est) died.

    We had the means.
    I think Saddam had to be stopped.
    In my mind it was the incompetence of Bush that made the war never ending.
    The timing disrupted the war in Afghanistan.
    Bush is an idiot, but Saddam was EVIL.

  4. there you go using that word ‘evolve’ again. that word doesnt exist for his ilk, in every sense of the word.

  5. Let’s not forget people were killed when the rig exploded. Bush has admitted to war crimes and should be prosecuted. It is not up to the United States to deal with “evil” in the world arbitrarily, especially when our motives are questionable and our evidence manufactured.

  6. So Ted, if we had been able to stop Hitler from gassing the Jews we should have done nothing?
    Or is it only the Kurds that don’t matter?

  7. Let’s see, jmw…first, I have a real problem with people who tell me who is evil and who is not. By your logic anyone deemed evil (by you, of course) should be eliminated. Thanks, but I prefer not giving you that power. Second, your first question is total bs and you know it. Third, we were told we went into Iraq because Saddam had WMDs, not because he gassed Kurds. Bush, Cheney, and the neocons didn’t give a rat about the Kurds, and you know that, too. You will probably claim you know nothing of the sort. And you know what? I absolutely do not care.

  8. Some people are obviously evil.
    Ted Bundy
    Saddam Hussein
    Pol Pot

    There are certain acts that are Evil, without question.

    But then there are people like you that figure as long as it doesn’t affect you and your loved ones it doesn’t matter.
    That was the case in the USA in the 30’s.
    You might want to study up on the US Isolationism movement.

    My thought is W went to war in Iraq because Saddam embarrassed his Daddy.
    My point is we should have gone to war to protect the Kurds.

    We need to weigh the consequences of policing.
    The UN should have stepped in. They did not, in which case we should.
    I never cared much for ethnic cleansing.
    Are you saying that is not evil?

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