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… on the perfect game that wasn’t—and the legacy of it all.

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  1. Jeff, I think in this paragraph you meant to say “perfect games” and not no-hitters. Just a heads up…

    “Over the next 130 years, 20 additional men have thrown no-hitters, ranging from the elite (Cy Young and Catfish Hunter) to the solid (Mike Witt and Tom Browning) to the staggeringly mediocre (Charlie Robertson and Len Barker).”

  2. It still stings right now. But I agree that, in the long run, Galaragga’s “perfect” game will be remembered far longer than anything else that happens this year. Including the perfect games by Halladay and Whatshisname.

  3. Ness, agreed: although I’m sure Galaragga would still prefer to be ‘perfect’ rather than ‘remembered’.

    As for history, based on Jeff’s definition, it will be historic if it prompts further replay changes.

  4. I appreciate Jim Joyce being a stand up guy. I hope the fans of my hometown team give Joyce the “Darrell Evans” treatment at the game tonight. In the 1987 ALCS, Evans got picked off of 3rd base in a crucial time of the game, it was a classic boneheaded play. At his next at bat, Evans expected to be berated but instead recieved a standing ovation. I will never forget that. i hope that will happen, but I think I know the answer to what will.

  5. Jeff —

    Please don’t use the tired old columnist ploy of looking up something in the dictionary and including it in your columns. It’s very over used and it just smacks of unoriginality and filler.

    Websters Dictionary defines …..

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