What if my child is gay?


Many of the people who are anti-gay teachers and anti-gay adoptive parents are driven by the fear of children “turning gay.” They ask, quite seriously, “What if the kids turn gay?”

The general liberal response is, “Studies show kids raised by gay coupleds are no more likely to …” blah, blah, blah.

Wrong answer.

Wrong f—ing answer.

The right answer? “Who cares? Who cares if your kid is gay or straight? What difference does it make? Why does it matter? Are gays worse than straights? Are they more … evil? More … wrong? Of course not. They’re just gay. Big crap.” That’s how I feel, at least; and how many people I know feel. Instead of reassuring people that gay exposure does not equal gayness, we should be arguing that gayness does not equal a lack of morality or a human deficiency of some sort.

Once people stop fearing homosexuality; once they come to see that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, this post no longer exists. But until then, it needs to be explained—and explained and explained—that not only can one not catch The Gay—but if she/he could catch it, who gives a damn?