You know your political campaign is in trouble when …


… all supporters who make a campaign contribution of $5 or more will enter a raffle to win an autographed Magic Johnson basketball.

Sadly, that’s what it’s come to for Kendrick Meek, a Florida Democrat and four-term congressman who trails Charlie Crist (good) and Marco Rubio (terrible) in the senate race.

I like Magic Johnson as much as the next guy. But …

A. He has no ties to Florida.

B. He’s signed so many objects through the years his autographed basketball is worth little more than a Buddy Biancalana rookie baseball card.

C. God could sign a basketball and it probably wouldn’t help Meek—an apparently decent man who has been obscured by a high-profile field.

PS: And I just visited his website, and it wasn’t really working. Oy. Bad sign.