56 Days

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The oil disaster was in its 56th day when President Barack Obama finally addressed the nation yesterday.


You are the president. That means you’re not merely our top political official—you are our leader; our guide; our conscience. You are there to do what’s right for the American people—not what’s right for your political future.

Fifty-six days. There’s no excuse for such a glaring lack of leadership. Blind liberals argue that there was nothing he could do; that BP had to clean it up, and the government had almost no power. Bullshit. Today Barack Obama will meet with BP’s chairman—for the first time. How is this possible? Blind supporters will argue, “Well, he’s been to the Gulf endlessly since this happened.” I say, Who cares? I don’t want another photo op; a shot of Obama eating a crab sandwich outside of some little shop. I want a president who finds the best way to work this out; who drops nearly everything in the name of easing our worst-ever environmental disaster.

Worst of all, thanks to the bullshit that is politics, Obama is in the same boat as the slime Republicans who were screaming “Drill, baby, Drill!” not all that long ago. His energy policy called for drilling along the Gulf—meaning he’s as helpless as Palin, Mitt, McCain when it comes to slaming the industry.

This hurts me, because I genuinely like Obama, and have been encouraged by many fascets of his presidency. But if this is a test—perhaps The Test—he is failing miserably.

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  1. Jeff, I agree that he should have met with the BP CEO way before this. Like immediately. But the bottom line is that Obama is not capable of fixing this problem. Nor is the government. It needs the initiative and technology of the oil industry to do so – and those things are still inadequate. The industry was doing something that had devastating consequences and had no adequate fail-safe when things went wrong. Obama can push for stricter regulations, can mobilize the government to assist with the cleanup and push the oil companies to work on a solution, but he can’t enact a quick solution – even a stopgap one. Those things he’s done are all fairly obvious and he’s been doing them. He just hasn’t been calling press conferences for every little thing. It seems that people are primarily pissed at him for not seeming angrier about it.

  2. This is also a president who is dealing with a struggling economy and two wars overseas. But you want him to drop everything to figure it out? That’s not possible, and once again, what do you want him/the government to do? Someone compared fixing this disaster to landing on the moon. It doesn’t get fixed overnight, and no speech or meeting with BP execs is going to get that done either.

  3. Agree completely with Stringer – and great name, by the way. The President isn’t a magical genie who snaps his fingers and turns wrong into right. He’s a CEO himself, managing the country’s biggest organization.

  4. From what I have heard, while there is oil up in Anwar, it would not come close to satisfying even a small per centage of our oil needs.

    While it is true that Obama can not fix the spill, he can use the bully pulpit to get some things done.

    I was listening to Thom Hartman today. He was playing some tape of Jimmy Carter. He had legislationg passed having to do with energy. When Reagan came in all that legislation was scuttled.

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