Sarah Palin for president II


Just listened to the Palin interview again.

Being serious—can someone explain to me, in clear terms, why she is beloved by many Republicans. She is literally trying to make the point that Obama doesn’t want to stop the leak (“We have to know that President Obama’s No. 1 priority is to stop the leak.”); that, instead, his priority is to enact some liberal-schliberal environmental agenda. I mean, can anyone really believe that? Even if you loathe Obama and think he’s handled this poorly, do you truly think he wants the leak to continue? That he enjoys the idea of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico?

Think about Palin: She was the governor of Alaska—and then she quit. SHE QUIT! To take a job on Fox News and to give speeches! How the fuck does he have any sort of voice? Because John McCain was dumb enough to pick her as a VP candidate? Dear God, what the hell is she blathering about? I have crazy Republican friends on Facebook who are 1,000 times more qualified to speak on these issues.

Shoot me, please. Shoot me.

PS: And the final minute of the interview—staggering. Just staggering.