Sarah Palin for president II


Just listened to the Palin interview again.

Being serious—can someone explain to me, in clear terms, why she is beloved by many Republicans. She is literally trying to make the point that Obama doesn’t want to stop the leak (“We have to know that President Obama’s No. 1 priority is to stop the leak.”); that, instead, his priority is to enact some liberal-schliberal environmental agenda. I mean, can anyone really believe that? Even if you loathe Obama and think he’s handled this poorly, do you truly think he wants the leak to continue? That he enjoys the idea of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico?

Think about Palin: She was the governor of Alaska—and then she quit. SHE QUIT! To take a job on Fox News and to give speeches! How the fuck does he have any sort of voice? Because John McCain was dumb enough to pick her as a VP candidate? Dear God, what the hell is she blathering about? I have crazy Republican friends on Facebook who are 1,000 times more qualified to speak on these issues.

Shoot me, please. Shoot me.

PS: And the final minute of the interview—staggering. Just staggering.

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  1. My sister and her husband live in Alaska.
    They are very liberal.
    When SP teamed up with McCain I asked them what they thought of her. My sister said before she was elected they didn’t want her. After she had been Gov for awhile, they began to really like her.
    They felt she was down to earth, and real.
    I don’t generally talk politics or religion with my sister so I don’t know what she thinks today.
    I think many people are hung up on that idea though, that Palin seems down to earth and real.

  2. We really have to put her resignation into context.

    She quit being Governor of Alaska. Alaska, a state with a population of not even 700,000. A state with very, very little infrastructure. A state where you basically sign big huge personal checks for everybody just for living there.

    People say that she was the victim of a political smear job in the State, but seriously, her job was a goddamn cake walk.


    It’s maddening and I’m not even all that politically minded.

  3. Muhammad Goldstein’s a disgrace that so many people could support such a clearly stupid person as this for President. I mean..SHE CANNOT SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH! She makes W sound like William Buckley.

    When I see Palin bumper-stickers I fear for this country..

  4. I can agree that quitting the governor job was a major political miscalculation, and will probably doom her chances of ever being a serious Presidential nominee. And it should be noted that, while I find her tolerable and recognize that she brings a hell of a lot of money to my political party of choice, I’m not a super big fan of hers. Still, I do think a good chunk of my fellow consdervatives like her because

    1. There is an authenticity to her that not many politicians can pull off.

    2. She comes from genuine working class roots, and didn’t abandon them to try to fit in with elite social institutions like do many politicians to.

    3. Her initial run for governor gives her a genuine, Horatio Alger underdog story.

    4. She seems to have, at least, somewhat successfully balanced motherhood and careerism in a way that very few public figures have done.

    5. One of her kids is in Iraq, erasing the hypocrisy of so many politicians that have supported the war effort but aren’t willing to send their kids over to foreign lands.

    6. She pisses off liberals so much that conservatives figure that she might be doing something right.

    And I also don’t think it’s totally outlandish to suggest that part of the reason why this administration is so slow to react to this travesty in the Gulf is because of the environmental legislation that they are trying to push through the Congress right now. Don’t forget, it was White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel who said, in 2008, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” That seems to be a guiding philosophy of this administration; don’t actually solve problems. Instead, use them to push through items on your social agenda…..

  5. Brian…I think if this administration is taking advantage of a crises it is only following the lead of the one that came before it.

    How much legislation was pushed through after 9/11?

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