Sarah Palin for president

I’ve decided my life is boring, and I need excitement.

Hence, I am endorsing Sarah Palin in 2012. Just so I can see more stuff like this!

(My favorite moment comes about 2:55 in—the utterly confused look. And I’ll give Bill O due credit—not a bad job here)

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin for president”

  1. wow… what a doozie. what i got out of it were two things… please correct me if im wrong:

    1) obama and his administration have been in charge since day one and she is frustrated he has not capped the spill yet after 8 weeks and

    2) obama hasnt done anything and bp has been in charge since day one and she is frustrated obama hasnt taken charge and done anything in 8 weeks despite her heavy distrust in the government (which she was a part of but quit in the middle of it because she couldnt handle the alaskan media).

    for those that think these are two contradictory points, ding ding ding! youve won the grand prize.

    i esp liked her answer for what her solution is: five seconds of dead air.

  2. She really takes stupidity to new levels.

    First, around the 3:00 mark she said the spill should have been Obama’s No. 1 priority and she’s hearing from people that’s not the case.

    Then, a couple minutes later she said national security should be the No. 1 priority.

    The more that woman speaks the more she dooms anyone around her.

  3. I watched the first three minutes of that and could go no further. She might as well have been speaking Icelandic. I have no idea what she was trying to say.

  4. Muhammad Goldstein

    Palin gives up to mentally challenged people longer will they be on the sidelines of national politics. In fact, they have a chance now to run for president!

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