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This is random, and relates to nothing, but am I the only person in the world who—upon further inspection—thinks the original three Star Wars movies to be extraordinarily lame? I mean, like every other child of the 80s, I loved the films as a boy; waited on line like most others to catch them as early as possible.

Now, however, approaching my 40s, I find them to be, well, terrible. Lame dialogue, stuffed with cliches, a star (Mark Hamill) who may well be the worst “big-time” actor in the history of Lloyd’s Lumber. I get the whole good vs. evil thing, but I also get the whole without-hype-these-films-are-showing-late-night-on-Channel-11-after-the-Yule-Log thing.

Anyhow, just blathering.

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  1. I’ve always thought so too Jeff. Like Roman in “Party Down” I’m into ‘hard sci-fi’ and have always felt the “Star Wars” franchise set the sci-fi genre backward by infantalizing it.

  2. I loved the first two (original first two) but having watched more recently have been, let’s say, disappointed in how thy compared with my memories (I dare not speak evil about them, as they still somehow retain some level of holiness in my mind). The ewoks were lame. But Star Wars is somehow still massively compelling for young boys. Years ago I did work with the asshole CEO of a toy company with a then massively successful line of star wars miniatures (this is probably 1993ish). A journalist asked him to what did he attribute the success of his toy line, and he said that he believed that all boys were born with the star wars gene. Fast-forward 16 years and my six-year old and his entire kindergarten class were HUGE star wars fans, in most cases having never seen even part of any of the movies. Maybe it’s in the water.

  3. Empire is the only one that holds up. I watched them recently because they were on marathon on Spike TV and I was sick, and the only one I didn’t find myself flipping away from or reading during was Empire. I kind of wish they just had New Hope and Return of the Jedi as pro/epilogues in that movie because they take away from the only good movie they bothered making.

    It should be noted that George Lucas had the least amount of creative control over that last one. So yeah, he sucks.

  4. The terrible dialogue is a Lucas trademark, albeit not a desirable one (at least for him). The first two are solid, and the first half of Jedi is pretty good. Once the Ewoks show up, it’s all downhill from there. I was more of an Indiana Jones guy. I even though Temple of Doom was good (back then)… now… well…

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