Lady Gaga—Zzzzzzzzzzz


Why do we Americans still get shocked?

What is the big deal about pubic hair? About an exposed nipple? About shocking comments concerning sex or politics or sexy politics? It’s embarrassing; pathetic; embarrassingly pathetic.

It also helps explain the rise and dominance of Lady Gaga., the cover girl of the current Rolling Stone.

As a singer, Gaga is good. Not amazing, but very good. What has sold her, however, is the “shocking” image. Gaga in crazy outfits. Gaga flipping people off at Citi Field. Gaga in her underwear, talking about lesbianism. The media reports the news, we absorb the news, Gaga makes millions upon millions of dollars. But, again I ask, why are we so shocked? You know what shocked me? 9/11. The Katrina. Tsunami. BP spill. A singer in a jeweled bra? Not so much.

I’ve lived through Madonna and Brit making out; through Janet at the Super Bowl; through Ellen admitting she was gay; through Tom and Katie. So on and so on. All shocking—all not really shocking at all.

Why do we care?


5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga—Zzzzzzzzzzz”

  1. We don’t, or I don’t…she’s a product of the 24/7/365 media overkill…they need people like her to feed that machine, nothing more, nothing less.

    Wendy O Williams was much more outrageous than her but it was 1980 and the then existing media didn’t care or didn’t know.

  2. Here’s my problem, Jeff: I generally read Rolling Stone on the train. Obviously can’t with that cover. I know they’re trying to sell magazines and going for shock value, but it really sucks for subscribers like myself for whom Rolling Stone will not fill its only requirement: readability during commutes.

  3. The majority of Americans live somewhat boring and structured lives. Celebrity behavior like Lady Gaga’s is both outrageous and crazy – two things I would argue most of us want more of in our lives.

  4. I saw a comparison with a 70’s rocker and Gag-a.
    Gaga copied the act, the woman even had a bubble wrap outfit.
    Sure Gaga upped it a bit, but not original at all.
    Not my type of “music”.

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