The McChrystal Issue


For those of you who haven’t heard, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, has been summoned to the White House in the wake of remarks he made to Rolling Stone. Among other things, McChrystal referred to James L. Jones, the national security advisor, as “a joke” and mocked Vice President Biden. Perhaps the most damaging part of the article was attributed to one of McChrystal’s aides, who said the general was “pretty disappointed” by a White House meeting with Obama, and that he found the president to be “uncomfortable and intimidated” during a Pentagon meeting.

Why is this the most damaging? Because, politically, it allows Republicans to continue with their narrative that the president isn’t capable; that he’s all substance, little action. And, truth be told, were this George W. Bush being described by a general, we Democrats would be all over it, too. We’d laugh and taunt and mock—as the Republicans will do to Obama. All’s fair in love and politics.

The question is—does Obama fire McChrystal? The pundits say Yes. I say No—definitely not. Maybe he resigns. Maybe he resigns under pressure. But how would it look for the president to can a capable general because of some stupid comments? Not good. Should he lose his job? Yes—and I’d say the same thing were Bush president. It’s unprofessional, way out of line, completely wrong. But the damage for Obama only intensifies if he dismisses McChrystal.

Wacky times.


8 thoughts on “The McChrystal Issue”

  1. I’ve read every one of your blogs and generally disagree with you when you delve into the political arena…but here I agree with every single sentence.

  2. I say can his ass. Not only is he insubordinate but his insurgengy plan is a bottomless pit of resources-money, manpower, and time. It will never end, and when it fails it will be because he “didn’t get what he asked for.” Competent general my ass.

  3. Barry Hussian Obama? I’ll take an educated guess that because of the spelling error, that Mark is probably a tea-bagger, who likes hairy testicles dangling in his face.

  4. First, Mark…thanks for proving to us you are an idiot.

    Let’s see…”Barry Hussian Obama” inherits two wars, an economic depression, massive unemployment then he’s hit with the BP oil spill, which had he interceded before the spill he’d have been attacked for getting involved in the privatization business…but that’s a story for another day.

    As far as the good general, I say knock him down in rank and give him some shit job in Alaska…like walking Palin’s dog. But whatever Obama does he must remove McChrystal from any decision-making job.

  5. I think he needs to be fired. It’s a matter of insubordination, yes, but also a matter of judgment. If you read that article, you’ll see a total lack of judgment and respect and a failure to imagine the consequences of his actions. I wouldn’t want anyone with those traits working under me and especially not as head of my most important military action. The man needs to be replaced immediately.

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