Look at me! (Part II)

Was thinking—my anti-iPhone rant begs the question: What kind of cell phone do you have, Jeffie?

The answer, sad as it might be …

Photo on 2010-06-23 at 19.39Photo on 2010-06-23 at 19.39 #2

I believe my little sister in law, Jessica, had this phone about five years ago—when she was 16. But mine is cooler, because it’s encased in a thick plastic shell (Check me out, yo).

Truth is, I’ve been mildly tempted by the iPhone. I have. But, come day’s end, I like looking at people. And blogging is enough of a technical addiction. Why would I want another one?

PS: On a side note, my wife thought the initial post was quite dickish … calling out an old classmate and all. And my friend Frank was surprised—”You sorta lit him up.” I’ve given this much thought … and I don’t care. Scott and I go way back, and I know he can take it. Furthermore, I’m fighting disrespect with disrespect.

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