Rick Barber for president!

Nothing says “Great political mind” like comparing modern issues to slavery.

Rick Barber’s the man! (And, of course, he’s from Alabama)

7 thoughts on “Rick Barber for president!”

  1. More proof we’re a nation of idiots.

    I think it’s time the government stops collecting taxes. Let’s give Rick Barber, Sara Palin and the Tea Partiers exactly what they want.

    We’ll privatize everything. That means when I turn left out of my driveway I’ll have to pay a toll to the private company that maintains the road I live on. Then when I get to the stop sign I’ll have to pay another toll to make the left hand turn I need to make to leave my development. Then, when I get to the major roadway I’ll get to pay another toll. I’d rather do that than pay for roads I never use.

    Meanwhile, I won’t have to worry about getting a speeding ticket because the police will no longer function. Instead, we’ll have private companies we call when we need security or help, and of course, we’ll pay for that.

    And if I have a gas leak or a fire, I won’t call 911. That won’t exist either. I’ll instead open the phone book and have my choice of private companies to call to come out and extinguish the flames.

    Yeah, I’ll be glad not to pay taxes anymore. What a burden those taxes are.

    Heck we won’t have to worry about illegal immigrants anymore. They’ll just overrun us as we won’t have anyone to protect the borders or even to provide the means for those illegals to legally become citizens because our government offices will be closed. We don’t need those people anymore.

    Heck with out city councils and other government entities. We don’t need them. We can govern ourselves…heck, look back to the Wild West. They didn’t have any problems.

    Fucking Rick Barber.

  2. Eric,

    I’m a proud son of Alabama myself. I HATE that our state has such a horrible reputation. It bothers me, and I don’t like being painted with a broad brush.

    Having said that, our politicians are not helping at all. Granted, I loved the Dale Peterson ads, the rest of them make us look either stupid, xenophobic, racist, or other. The fact that someone believe in evolution became something of a sticking point in a primary election–in 2010–says really all that needs to be said. At least Tim “son of Fob” James got eliminated after wasting nearly $2 million on a recount.

  3. Muhammad Goldstein

    Seriously, I may never leave New York City again..sorry to any of you Southerners out there, but your part of the country terrifies me..

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