Stephen A. Smith and the sorta kinda maybe breaking of news


If you haven’t heard, D-Wade, LeBron and Chris Bosh are all going to Miami.




Well …

This was reported by Stephen A. Smith, the maybe, kinda, sorta journalist who reports on the NBA for the Philadelphia Inquirer. For many fans, Stephen A. is a treasure, because he tells it like it is. Which is to say, he tells it off the top of his head. Which is to say, take 1/4 cup of reporting, 2 teaspoons of digging and 5 quarts of opinion, stir and serve warm.

I only met Smith once, so there’s no personal beef. But when I heard what he had to say on Dan Patrick’s radio show, I wanted to vomit. When you’re a “media personality” who needs to hear his name, what better way to approach things than, well, like this: “I got a call last night from a source, and I double-checked it with another, and they told me essentially that LeBron James and Chris Bosh are going to tag team and go together to join Dwayne Wade in Miami. Obviously, there are numerous reports out there. Whoever is wrong can have egg on their face. As far as I’m concerned, I already have. Because I thought in my heart of hearts that eventually, he would go to the New York Knicks. But around 10 o’clock last night or so, I heard the news. I stayed up for a few more hours and made a few phone calls, and I felt comfortable enough to go with what I reported.”

So, Stephen A., it’s really happening!? Really!? REALLY!?

“I believe it’s highly likely. I would never say anything is a done deal with LeBron James until it’s signed. Because a year and a half ago, when I reported that he was definitively going to New York, I was told that from a very reliable source. Anybody who has watched me cover the NBA over the years, you can figure out who that person is. But I was told that he was going to New York City and that he wanted to be a New York Knick.”

Glub. This is what passes for reporting in 2010. This is what passes for a scoop.