The Right and Obama


I have a friend who is pretty far-right conservative. In most of his political Facebook postings, he derisively refers to Barack Obama as “The Chosen One.” He inevitably bashes all things Obama—calls him inept, a fraud, a criminal. On and on and on. My friend isn’t unique. There are tons of people just like him floating around our country, professing this hatred for Obama and anything remotely liberal in cause. They thrash the liberal media (conveniently ignoring talk radio and Fox’s far-reaching tentacles), demonize Nancy Pelosi (a decent human, it seems).  Hell, I found an especially interesting T-shirt shop earlier today that makes the above designs.

Here’s what I’m waiting for: Acceptance of blame. With rare exception, I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever hear any of these conservatives admit voting for George W. Bush was a mistake; that the country was truly set back by his presidency; that he put us in an enormous hole; that he either lied or relied of faulty intelligence to stick us in Iraq; that he ignored personal liberties. I hear none of this, EVER, and it infuriates me. Because while the GOP loves bashing Obama with, “Enough blaming the past administration,” well, it’s reasonable, and fair game.

Has Obama been a great president? I’d say no—just solid, and clearly flawed. But what about walking into a situation that could best be described as liquid shit. That’s what Obama was handed. And, for some odd reason, we’re supposed to forget and/or ignore that.


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  1. Friend of mine was complaining how Obama has put us into such a mess.
    I said, “He has only been in office for one year, hardly enough time to fix the huge mess he was given.”
    My friend went on to correct me that Obama has been president for two years.
    He listens to conservative talk radio so he was sure it was 2 years.
    A few weeks later he started in again. I told him again, Obama had just had his one year anniversary.
    He paused for a minute and said, I thought it was two.”
    I said, “Nope, one year.”
    This seems to be the hype of the conservative commentators and it suckers so many into blaming Obama for the mess.

  2. I get the feeling that most of these “anti-socialist” screamers probably couldn’t even give us a definition of what socialism is if we asked them.

  3. As a proud member of the Right, let me tell my brethren that the bleeding heart liberal, Jeff Pearlman, is absolutely correct.

    GWB was an unmitigated disaster as a president.

    There was nothing “conservative” about his administration. He spent money like a Democrat, rushed the country into the Iraq war, expanded the federal government into K-12 education with the abominable “No Child Left Behind” legislation, created the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security, and presided over the worst economic collapse in generations.

    Democrats swept back both houses of Congress in 2006. Two years later, Mr. Obama won the White House and helped Democrats win decisive majorities in Congress. They deserved to win. The Republicans mismanagement led to consecutive electoral debacles. The Democrats promised to return fiscal sanity to Washington, roll back our foreign policy misadventures, and govern like adults.

    They didn’t.

    To channel my inner Dennis Greene: “They are who we thought they were.” Tax and spend liberals. No better than the Republicans who spend like crazy and think tax cuts offer the solution to every economic woe.

    Washington needs grown ups in charge. Instead, Americans have politicians invested in the status quo and adherent to ideology instead of common sense.

    Is this the best we can do? Both parties need to do better. Now.


  4. I think it’s entertaining that zealots from either side resemble nothing more than children trying to come out all innocent. “It’s not my fault! They started it! But, s/he hit me *first*!”

  5. Morning Jeff!

    Here’s another conservative FROM TEXAS that will tell you GW Bush was NOT a conservative Republican President. He was a PROGRESSIVE Republican…..just as Pres. Obama is a PROGRESSIVE Democrat….and Obama is carrying forward many of the exact same mistakes that W started. Obama made the exact same error in judgment in the administrations reaction to the BP/Gulf disaster as the Bush regime did with Katrina. All the last three administrations have done is to increase the National debt and try to expand the power of government. It is WAY past time that Americans wake up and realize that we no longer have a two party system. The Independents and the Tea Party folks are the only true “2nd parties” available. Liberals need to stop demonizing the Tea Party folks and pay attention to what they are REALLY saying……you might find that their “Contract From America” is extremely commonsensical and supports their agendas too……unless they are Socialists.

  6. dorf, you are absolutely correct.

    Regarding the right, the left, the middle, the top, the bottom…however you want to look at it, we have a flawed system.

    Our government model is failing us. That’s what needs fixing.

    Our political leaders need to raise tons of cash to get elected. Who do they turn to, you and me? Hell no, they turn to big business.

    Is it any wonder big business runs the country?

    To appease us they roll out some tax credits and social programs to help the poorest of the poor. And that’s supposed to satisfy us and tell us our government is working.

    It’s not working.

    Elections shouldn’t be purchased. Big business shouldn’t dictate government policy.

    We could debate this forever and we will, because we’re a nation of idiots.

    We’ll blame the party in charge and say when our guy gets in things will be different. But they won’t, and then we’ll blame the rival congress. And we’ll say when our party takes back control of congress things will be different. And they won’t change.

    The Tea Partiers think they are going to take back the government…and hell, they might. But nothing will change because politicians are politicians.

    We first have to take away the plush lifestyle politicians lead and make it what it needs to be, what it was intended to be, a part-time job.

    I’m so sick of the right calling out the left and the left calling out the right. It’s ridiculous. We’re all Americans. It’s time to find out who has the best interests of the country in mind and who is looking out for himself. I think it’s easy to figure that one out.

  7. I agree with Cameron to some extent.

    GWB was a terrible president. Obama is not terrible, but I would rate him well below average.

    As President, he has the pulpit to frame the debate on any issue, but he has consistently chosen not to do that. As a result, he has ceded control of the national agenda to the far-right lunatic fringe.

    We have one party in this country that in completely insane, and another party that is timid, inept, and incapable of governance. And amidst all this, we’re at war and facing the worst economic crisis in 80 years. This is how republics die.

    I voted for Obama over Clinton in the primary, but I regret that deeply.

  8. I’m just wondering how long it is acceptable to keep blaming Bush for every mistake that this President makes.
    Three years into his administration, is he still going to be blaming Bush?!

  9. Brian…three years in, yeah, I’d think it’s OK to still blame Bush.

    I mean, tell me, how long does it take to recover from two never-ending, winless wars and an economic disaster?

    My uncle, a die-hard Republican and racist, told me during the Clinton years that Clinton’s successes all were set up by the first Bush.

    It’s what happens the four years before a president takes office that shapes his administration, my uncle told me.

    GWB was in office eight years…and he was a total failure. How long will it take for the country to recover from that?

    I can’t ask my uncle, he’ll have a different opinion. He blames Obama for the economy and the wars. Funny guy.

  10. I still blame Reagan, and it’s, what, 30 years? That fucker destroyed this country. Bush just pushed it further on down the tracks.

  11. Dorf: I love it. As I’ve told a number of people, “I *am* a socialist, and Obama’s so far to the right of me I can barely see him.”

    Now, I voted for him, recognizing it was the best I was going to get. But a socialist? Really? If so, where’s my single payer health care, where’s my nationalization of the banks and the oil companies, where’s my 70% tax bracket for the robber barons? Socialist, my ass. He’s a left leaning centrist. At best.

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