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The Right and Obama


I have a friend who is pretty far-right conservative. In most of his political Facebook postings, he derisively refers to Barack Obama as “The Chosen One.” He inevitably bashes all things Obama—calls him inept, a fraud, a criminal. On and on and on. My friend isn’t unique. There are tons of people just like him floating around our country, professing this hatred for Obama and anything remotely liberal in cause. They thrash the liberal media (conveniently ignoring talk radio and Fox’s far-reaching tentacles), demonize Nancy Pelosi (a decent human, it seems).  Hell, I found an especially interesting T-shirt shop earlier today that makes the above designs.

Here’s what I’m waiting for: Acceptance of blame. With rare exception, I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever hear any of these conservatives admit voting for George W. Bush was a mistake; that the country was truly set back by his presidency; that he put us in an enormous hole; that he either lied or relied of faulty intelligence to stick us in Iraq; that he ignored personal liberties. I hear none of this, EVER, and it infuriates me. Because while the GOP loves bashing Obama with, “Enough blaming the past administration,” well, it’s reasonable, and fair game.

Has Obama been a great president? I’d say no—just solid, and clearly flawed. But what about walking into a situation that could best be described as liquid shit. That’s what Obama was handed. And, for some odd reason, we’re supposed to forget and/or ignore that.