Dayn Perry slays me—and he’s 100 percent right


I owe Dayn Perry an apology, and if I had his phone number I’d call him right now (granted, I’m writing this from a library). Instead, I’m sending him this via Twitter.

In a poorly thought-out post from a while back, I ripped Perry for presuming the thoughts of his book subject, Reggie Jackson. You can read the post here, though it clearly sucks. Perry responded today with his own post, noting that I’d pretty much done the same thing in my Clemens book. And you know what? He’s right. I can try and justifying the passage by saying that: A. I interviewed myriad people who know Clemens very well, and who talked with him about his future Hall speech (which I did); B. Clemens had talked often (in private) to people about how he wanted to handle the Hall; his need to be surrounded by all those past teammates; to make peace with his brother; etc … etc (true and verified).

But, truth be told, that justification doesn’t fly. I hate—truly hate—writers presuming thoughts. I don’t like that Perry did it, I loathe that I did it. It’s a weak way to go; it really is. Because when the material is as strong as it should be, there’s no need to ever do so. E-v-e-r.

So I apologize to Dayn Perry (pictured above with his tyke). It was a stupid post, and you’re 100 percent correct in calling me out.

I deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Dayn Perry slays me—and he’s 100 percent right”

  1. Looking at Pearlman’s original post, I’m surprised that he hasn’t heard of Dayn Perry. I’m just a fan — not a sports journalist, who might actually consider it part of his professional responsibility to read what others are writing — and I’ve been reading Dayn on Baseball Prospectus for many years. I guess it’s another example of a mainstream media guy’s disdain for the new generation.

  2. Kudos for the apology. Seems to take a lot for a person to admit they were wrong in the internet age, so way to go stepping up when you didn’t have to.

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