LeEgo James and a made-for-TV moment


I’ve never much minded LeBron James. He comes across as a relatively OK guy. Nothing thrilling, nothing horrific. Just fine and OK, which is, in and of itself, fine and OK.

Then today happened.

Today, LeBron James introduced himself to the world as an egomaniac. Actually, capitalize that: an Egomaniac. He will grace the world with his big decision (and I’m not referring to bacon or sausage) on a Thursday night one-hour ESPN special titled, “The Decision.” The whole thing was apparently hatched by LeBron and his people, which means LeBron—if he’s not entirely to blame—should fire his people. Now. Immediately. As in, this second.

What this show announces, even before it actually announces anything, is that LeBron James possesses an ego the size of John Candy’s long-deceased buttocks. It’s actually unfathomable in its arrogance. Really, LeBron? This is how you want the world to view you? As the sort of person who desires his own TV show to announce where he’ll play basketball? Really?

For those of you keeping score at home, the scorecard for the NBA’s best player reads thusly:

Kobe Bryant: 5

LeBron James: 0

Say what you want about Kobe—he cheated on his wife; he abuses teammates; he’s a ball hog—the guy wins. And wins. And wins. He shows up in crunch time, and he always seems to make his teammates significantly better (Even Adam Morrison looked OK in his suit standing alongside Kobe). LeBron, meanwhile, is a spectacular talent who can score, penetrate, shoot, play D and hustle. Can he win? Not sure. The answer remains out there.

In other words, Kobe has earned a status LeBron seems to believe is already his. As far as I’m concerned, Kobe Bryant can have 8,000 TV shows. Hell, he can host a cooking show from my kitchen if he’d like. That sort of great honor (Cooking at Jeffie’s Crib!) comes with winning.

And one more thing: Let’s slow down and think about this. Who cares? Really, who does? I get the buzz and the excitement. But once the season starts, and we’re in game, oh, 39 against Golden State, does hype equal reality? Is LeBron’s whereabouts that big of a deal, or are we merely incredibly bored?

12 thoughts on “LeEgo James and a made-for-TV moment”

  1. Lol, Kobe is better than LeBron because of rings, great logic. Guess neither of them are as good as Robert Horry. Never mind the fact that when Kobe’s teammates were similar to LeBron’s current crew the Lakers were first round fodder. So LeBron has basically done nothing bad his whole career, and b/c of this one event you get on your high horse and trash LeBron the person and player? As for who cares – alot of us (as i’m sure the ratings will prove)!

  2. I was on LeBron’s bandwagon until today. This is just a slap in the face to do this, especially if he leaves Cleveland. It would be the most massive dick move to leave a state where basketball will be as dead as it was before he came and a state that is suffering as bad as anyone economically. LeBron IS the economy. That’s the joke, but it’s true.

    With that said, LeBron should leave Cleveland…and sign with Chicago. I say that as a Celtics fan who FEARS that. The Knicks would be a dumb ass move, the Nets would be good in 2 years when they move to Brooklyn.

    And Kobe having 5 rings? Benefited from playing with great teammates, but those rings made him a top 10 player with each one he got.

    If LeBron wins 3-5 or more (manageable in Chicago, but not anywhere else) then he goes down as a top 10 player the way Kobe squeaked his way in the last 2 playoffs. I HATE Kobe, but he wants to win more than LeBron seems to do.

  3. I’m one of those who liked LeBron until this whole saga. Now? I honestly don’t care. I like watching him play. But I’m not really a fan any longer. I’ll probably pull against him, especially if he goes anywhere but back to Cleveland.

  4. I’m sick of that Kobe-had-great-teammates crap. Why? Because it’s crap. What champion doesn’t have great teammates, Marty? You find me one and I’ll transfer whatever’s in my chequing account to your PayPal.

    If you look at the stats, Marty, Kobe averaged 28ppg in the playoffs with Shaq, and 28ppg with Gasol.

    Live with this: LeBron is the best athlete in the NBA, Kobe is the best basketball player in the NBA.

    It’s no difference than comparing ESPN with SI.

  5. so…are you honestly arguing that lebron wouldn’t have won the last two championships if the roles were reversed? or dwyane wade? or carmelo anthony? or brandon roy? or…

    it’s not that hard for these guys to score 28 ppg when you’re shooting 25 times a game and missing 60% of the time. or maybe it’s the leadership that only kobe seems to have. maybe the underbite scowl?

    given the amount of data we have at our disposal these days, it’s amazing how lazy we are in actually using this to form reasonable judgements. Especially for someone who DOES THIS FOR A LIVING. it’s really not complicated math or logic. unless we’re talking tennis or golf, how can someone reasonably be judged by how many championships the team has won? brady, jeter, kobe – amazing how much these guys have capitalized on the ignorance and laziness of the media

    and btw jon – the lakers weren’t just first round fodder after shaq left. they actually didn’t even make the playoffs one year. EVERYONE makes the playoffs in this stupid league. so without shaq and the gasol theft, kobe has two playoff appearances in 3 years with no playoff wins. sure sounds like the best basketball player in the nba to me.

  6. Tyler…

    You realize Kobe couldn’t make it past the 2nd round in those years without Shaq and Pau. That’s what it was like for LeBron in Cleveland. He has no 2nd option whereas Kobe’s options (Pau Gasol; Ron Artest; Lamar Odom; Derek Fisher…Trevor Ariza, at one point) are better than LeBron James’ next best teammate. And Mo Williams sucks.
    Also, Kobe has probably the best coach of all time and a competent GM.

    Pau Gasol’s a top 10 player in the league and probably the best PF right now. It’s no coincidence they’ve made the NBA Finals 3 years in a row and Kobe couldn’t make it past the 2nd round.

    Kobe went 6-24 in Game 7 against the Celtics and still won because of his teammates (Pau Gasol should have been Finals MVP).
    If LeBron goes 6-24, his team gets blown out.

    Live with this: LeBron’s teammates haven’t been good.

  7. So then let’s hear the argument Jeff. Looking forward to all of the lazy buzzwords like “competitve gene” and “killer instinct” and “rape”. I dare you to use actual analysis

  8. Also, why is everyone so quick to judge when someone takes advantage of an opportunity to make some money? especially when it’s for charity? Just because it’s never been done before? for someone so proud of his progressive ways, jeff sure is an old-school curmudgeon when it comes to anything sports related

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