The Wrap

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Am at a La Quinta just outside of New Orleans. Drove 2 1/2 hours to get here arrived starving. Walked down the street to a place called Saints Diner, a 24-hour joint. Ordered the California wrap.

Am exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Which is my excuse why, while watching the woman behind the counter make my wrap, I said nothing … as she did so with bare hands. She wrapped it, squished it, cut it—all with her exposed palms and fingers. For all I know, she just finished wiping her ass. Or vomiting into her palms. Or playing with the stray alley cats who gather at the diner’s roach-infested dumpster.

I have no idea why I stayed quiet, because it’s completely out of character for something this gross.

So now I’m sitting here, starving, debating to myself: “Eat it? Don’t eat it? Eat it? Don’t eat it?”

What would you do?

14 thoughts on “The Wrap”

  1. Ughhh, GROSS!!! I am disgusted!! Those things are so better out of sight, out of mind! Because I am sure it happens elsewhere, but am very hopeful not at many places that I eat! But I agree, now that you know, how do you stomach it??

  2. I traveled for 25 years. When tired and hungry I’d hit the store for a microwave meal. Then use the microwave in my room. Quick and more choices.

  3. You know, this whole glove thing is new, right? You’re not as old as I am, but you’re old enough to remember that *nobody* wore gloves preparing food, right? I’m old enough to have actually *worked* in fast food, and never, not once, wore gloves.

    Eat the friggin’ thing.

  4. Jeff,

    So many good restaurants in New Orleans. Go to Mothers or Acme Oyster House just to name just a few other restaurants.

  5. People have a skewed image of gloved cooks. Just because they are wearing gloves does not make them anymore sanitized than bare hands. Most people misuse gloves…like take the trash out and then make your wrap without changing the gloves. You have the right as a consumer to ask the cook to change their gloves or wash their hands before they make your food. At The Freight House Cafe, we are ALL properly trained in saftey and sanitation. So, Pearlman, when you come and eat here, I can guarantee your health and your saftey are protected and respected 🙂

  6. Eat it! How do you know she wasn’t wearing gloves when she wiped her ass and then took them off to make your wrap?

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