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Wait! Hold the phone!

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I am saddened to announce that, upon further reflection, Jeff Pearlman will no longer sign with Michael Lewis’ Wide World of Stuff blog. While Jeff Pearlman appreciates Mr. Lewis’ time and effort to bring Jeff Pearlman to his blog, Jeff Pearlman has decided that Jeff Pearlman doesn’t like when people disrespect Jeff Pearlman.

Michael Lewis has disrespected Jeff Pearlman.


To begin with, a paper sign? Are you kidding me? When King George II took over France, was he greeted with a paper sign? When Albert Einberger invented electricity, was he greeted with a paper sign? I am Jeff Pearlman, the greatest blogger of the modern era; the king of blogging. The disrespect Mr. Lewis has shown Jeff Pearlman is, to say the least, troubling. I am Jeff Pearlman, not some second-rate Skip Bayless wanna-be.

Hence, it is with great joy that Jeff Pearlman is thrilled to announce that he is signing on with Days in Monsterville, Greg Orlando’s championship-caliber blog. Jeff Pearlman is fully committed to bringing a title to Days in Monsterville, and with Mr. Orlando’s guidance and supreme belief in Jeff Pearlman, this will be done.

Once again, I have enjoyed my time at, and ask all my fans to pray for me, to support my decision and to buy Jeff Pearlman is King commemorative T-shirts in the merchandise section of my website.

God bless Jeff Pearlman, for Jeff Pearlman is God.

PS: The photo above depicts Jeff Pearlman making his new O sign, which stands for his new team, Orlando. Jeff Pearlman has also signed on to do a rap, The O-Street Thump, with Coolio and Dr. Dre (not the one everyone likes; the one from Yo! MTV Raps). It will be available on iTunes August 1.