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Yes, it sucks to be a Cleveland fan today.

But it could be worse. You could follow the Clippers …

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  1. Found this on a message board about your article…

    It never ceases to amaze me that people of such limited intellect, work ethic, and basketball knowledge are hired to write for “respected” publications.

    So let me see if I have the premise straight.

    If LeBron doesn’t sign in New York, it’s because he’s a jerk.
    If LeBron doesn’t sign in Cleveland, it’s because he’s a jerk.
    If LeBron doesn’t sign in New Jersey, it’s because he’s a jerk.
    If LeBron doesn’t sign in Chicago, it’s because he’s a jerk.
    If LeBron doesn’t sign with the Clippers, it’s because they’re the Clippers.

    I guess I should feel sorry for you. After all, when your employer has sent all its competent journalists to actually cover the LeBron story, you still have to submit a piece, so why not dig up the template for “Clipper bashing column” that all journalists seem to have on their hard drive, and find a clumsy way to tie it back to the LeBron story so anyone gives a rat’s ass what you have to say today.

    Also, because they’re the Clippers, you don’t need to research or give any consideration to what you’re saying, since most readers are similarly dimwitted enough not to do so either, and there aren’t any Clipper fans anyway, so you can’t possibly be called to task for it.

    I could refute all of this, you know.

    I could point out that virtually all basketball people who observed the situation in Chicago over the past two years see the del Negro tenure as the opposite of what you just said. Far from “underachieving,” most people believe he did yeoman’s work in keeping a team afloat despite management giving away his leading scorer. Twice. Most journalists — the real ones, the ones with access to players — report that virtually all the Bulls loved playing for del Negro, especially, Derrick Rose.

    I could further point out that the Clippers gave LeBron an efficient, no-frills pitch that never had a chance of working, not because he didn’t take them seriously (he said he did, and he backed that up by inviting them over several other teams that had space to sign him) but because he colluded behind the scenes with other players to form a super-team that no one else could compete with.

    I could also point out that the Clippers offered Mike Miller more money than any other team did, but that Miller, too, took about half that to go play for the super-team. I’m having difficulty finding a way to blame the Clippers for this (other than to ask whether Miller was worth as much as they offered him in the first place), but obviously, that should not stop anyone from continuing to call them cheap.

    I could also ask whom, precisely, the Clippers should have signed other than Foye and Gomes. All the A-list free agents either took the max to stay with their teams (Johnson, Wade), went to South Beach to form the super-team (James, Bosh, and even B-lister Miller), or played positions the Clippers didn’t need and would have been insane to spend money on (Amare, Boozer). Given this, the Clippers went out and found two very good role players who happened to fit their exact needs, rather than sobbing in their beer about what they didn’t get.

    Finally, I could point out the absurdity of looking at two teams who make similar moves — signing good role players to good contracts — and calling one team “prudent” and the other “cheap.”

    But I won’t bother to do any of that. You see, to refute your points would be to concede that you actually made any. And in order to make a point, you would have had to produce an article that differs in some way from what every sleepy shmuck with a laptop and a username could have come up with this morning before he got out of bed and made his morning coffee.

    Since you didn’t do that, I will simply ignore you.

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