Jayson Werth: Not so fabulous

If you’ve read this blog before, you know Jayson Werth is one of my least-favorite professional athletes. He’s one of those guys who, for some odd reason, thinks that holding an ill-fitting leather glove and wearing red-and-white pajamas to work gives him the right to crap on people. My opinion started innocently enough—a writer friend of mine once approached Werth in the Phillies clubhouse, said, “Jayson, do you have a minute?” And his response was, “Not for you, bud.” Which just oozes dickheadedness. Absolutely oozes it.

In the aftermath of blogging about, I heard one bad Werth story after another—the not-hard-to-fathom life of a guy who thinks his poop doesn’t smell. Hardly shocking, always sorta disappointing.

Anyhow, you know where I’m heading. A few nights ago Werth cursed at a Phillies fan (His words: “Get out of my fucking way!”) who caught a fly ball that the outfielder was trying to grab. The fan didn’t lean over into the field of play, and he was trying to protect his young son from being hit in the head. Fair enough. And, truth be told, Werth’s immediate reaction was also fair. He was mad, and he probably didn’t grasp the circumstance. People curse—it happens.

Yet even now, days later, Werth refuses to apologize. Why? I’m not sure, but my guess is he’s just a dolt.

What’s your take?

19 thoughts on “Jayson Werth: Not so fabulous”

  1. As a Phillies fan, I am looking forward to him not being a part of the team anymore.

    Also recall that he physically menaced talk-radio jerk Howard Eskin when he and Charlie Manuel got into a shouting match a few years back. Wish Werth and Eskin had beaten the tar out of each other.

  2. Being a Phils fan I see him almost every night when I watch their games. The way he carries himself does ooze jack*ss. And you never hear about him helping in the community like you do other marquee players like Rollins and Howard. The Phils will be fine without him when he walks after this year.

  3. Really? “He was trying to protect his young son from being hit in the head”? Allowing Werth to catch the ball would have also “protected his young son,” because (a) the ball wasn’t anywhere near the kid, and (b) it would’ve been caught.

  4. It sounds to me like the announcers were ripping on the dad. Isn’t it OK for him to catch that ball to protect his kid from getting beaned? Jeez, what a bunch of bolts.

  5. I watched the game. That was devastating! He really needs to apologize. That poor guy, there with his kid no less. Werth is Werthless!

  6. I’ve interviewed many of the Phillies over the years, most of them are on the current team. Sometimes, yes, there are moments where they aren’t particularly nice. I won’t name names. Other times they’re great. I once saw Werth sit and give an extensive interview to two of my colleagues, patiently answering every question. There are other players on the team, who are well-loved and I’ve had personal experience with those players being really rude. I know of one very well-liked player being infamously disrespectful to a female colleague. I say infamous, but that really only applies to the other writers who saw it and couldn’t believe it. The reason I say all this? Sometimes players screw up, they can be moody like all of us. I agree an apology was in order. But everyone has their reasons and Werth certainly has his good and bad side. Don’t we all?

  7. the guy wasn’t trying to protect his kid from anything except a chance at catching the ball himself. anyone who watches the video can see that’s a ridiculous statement.

    also not mentioned in the blog post: it was in extra innings of a close game. the phillies aren’t doing as well as expected.

    everyone needs to let off some steam once in a while. most of us are lucky enough to not have a tv camera pointed at us while we do it.

    1. michael, i disagree. i can understand the anger in the heat of the battle. but imagine you’re this guy, being humiliated in front of your kid. he should have apologized, in hindsight. but that’s not werth.

  8. Werth is a douche, and knows better by now. Ultimately, he doesn’t care and will be long forgotten in about 5 years or so when his skills have eroded and he ends up signing a minor-league deal with the Pirates.

  9. Werth does seem like an incurable dick, but he has a right to be pissed at that fan. Sure, he could have harnessed his displeasure into Shakespearian prose, but I doubt Werth has such dignity in his toolbox. Werth had a legitimate chance of catching that ball – and couldn’t because of this fan. I would have done the same thing as the fan, but if I were Werth I would have been equally displeased – though probably would have acted in a more mature way.

  10. Werth did nothing wrong. Any player who gave half a shit would’ve been steamed up in the same situation.

    And at some point every athlete and every coach from college to the pro ranks gets short with a reporter. If man were judged on how he handled reporters, every single one would be a dolt.

  11. Guy takes his son to a game and has to deal with that garbage? Werth should have apologized but seems to have the priveliged jock mentality – to him it will be forgotten soon but when a dad takes his kid to a game, sits in the front row, and catches a ball there ought to be a happy memory and instead they will remember being cursed out and humiliated. Baseball has benefitted greatly from the image of dads taking their sons to games, maybe charm school is in order. Wonder what his elder ballplayer relatives think of him.

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