Obama: No idiot


Think what you want about Barack Obama—he’s no idiot.

The other day I had the misfortune of watching Fox News, which is probably similar to how it feels for a Republican to kick back with some MSNBC. Tucker Carlson (man, has this guy fallen) was guest hosting Hannity, and he started mocking the president for a speech in Nevada during which he asked the audience why people should hand the government back to the Republicans—who put us in this mess in the first place.

Now, whether you agree with Obama on this one or not (and I do—strongly), the tactic is wise. Not much has gone right for the economy of late, and people are hurting. So for the president to claim victory or mass success, well, it would fall upon deaf ears. Hence, he might as well look back and slam Bush. It’s easy, it’s appropriate, it’s done by all presidents at one time or another … and it is, largely, accurate. The Bush years were disasters, and even those who loathe Obama probably agree.

I’m babbling.